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SeuntjieBot is a chat bot currently running on multiple bitcoin dice casinos. It responds to a multitude of commands as listed below and rains on active people in the chat. When there are 3 or more active people in the chat, it will select 1 person at random every 10 minutes and send a small amount of bitcoin to that person.

SeuntjieBot is sponsored by - The Largest Bitcoin Game

SeuntjieBot user Commands:

In this list, anything surrounded by [square brackets] are required paramaters. Anything surrounded by (round brackets) are optional paramaters

  • !s user [username]: This command will return the info the bot has on the specified user in the following format: Name: 'title' username, Address: bitcoinaddress. Times rained: x, total received: y user_type
    Example: !s user seuntjiebot
    or: !s user "multi part username"
    works at: PocketRocketsCasino, PrimeDice, SafeDice

  • !s address [yourbitcoinaddress]: This will set your address that gets returned with the user command.
    Example: !s address 1TSUVeMtW3GLjJkvT3qkzCrc22GJhFaUr
    works at: PocketRocketsCasino, PrimeDice, SafeDice

  • Balance: Returns the balance of the rainjar and how long untill it is empty (if seuntjiebot is the rainjar)
    Example: !s balance
    works at: PocketRocketsCasino, SafeDice

  • !s rained: returns how many times seuntjiebot has rained, and how much bitcoin has been rained in total
    Example: !s rained
    Works at: PocketRocketsCasino, SafeDice

  • !s Rainjar: Returns info on how to top up the rainjar (if seuntjiebot is the rainjar).
    Example: !s rainjar
    Works at: PocketRocketsCasino, SafeDice

  • !s rainbot: Returns info about the sites rainbot if it is not seuntjiebot.
    Example: !s rainbot
    Works at: PrimeDice

  • !s chart (username or user id): returns a profit chart of the user. If no username or ID is specified, it returns the chart for the requesting user. Limitations: 1 chart per user every 5 minutes. Charts get cached for 10 minutes.
    Example: !s chart
    Or: !s chart melds39
    Or: !s chart 278
    Works at: PocketRocketsCasino, SafeDice

  • !s [currency]: Returns the trading price of the specified currency. All Currencies traded at poloniex is supported
    Example: !s btc
    Or: !s drk
    works at: PocketRocketsCasino, PrimeDice, SafeDice

  • !s convert [from] [to] (amount):Converts from one currency to another. If no amount is specified, 1 is used as default.
    Example: !s convert ltc drk 45.6
    Or: !s convert clam usd

  • !s dicebot: Returns a link to Seuntjies DiceBot.
    Example: !s dicebot
    works at: PocketRocketsCasino, PrimeDice, SafeDice

  • !s SiteChart: Returns a link for charts concerning site profit, wagered, invested and other stats.
    Example: !s sitechart
    Works at: PocketRocketsCasino

  • !s info: Links to this page

SeuntjieBot Moderator Commands

The following commands are for moderators and admins to use. If a non-mod user tries one of these commands, the bot will responds with a list of commands, state that the command is for mods only, or not respond at all. All site moderators have moderator permisions on the bot.
  • !s title [username] [title]: Sets the title for the specified user.
    Example: !s title seuntjie the bot maker
    Or: !s title "multi part username" LongName

  • !s note [username] [note]: Sets a not for a user that will be shown on this site, but not returned in the !s user command. See example for !s title

  • !s redlist [username] [Reason]: Redlists the specified user. A redlisted user is not elligible for rain (if seuntjiebot is the rainbot), but can still use the bot. Do not redlist without a reason.

  • !s blacklist [username] [reason]: Blacklists the specified user. A blacklisted user is not elligible for rain (if seuntjiebot is the rainbot) and seuntjiebot will not respond to his/her commands and requests. Do not redlist without a reason.

  • !s fchart [username]: Forces a redraw of the specified users chart if the chart is still in the cached period. Can only be used once every 5 minutes per mod. Syntax identical to !s chart.

  • !s status [username]: If the specified user is redlisted or blacklisted, this command will return the status (redlisted/blacklisted) followed by the reason. If the user is not redlisted or blacklisted, it returns safe.

SeuntjieBot Admin Commands

Site operators, administrators and seuntjie can use all mods commands in addition to the ones below.
  • !s mute: Surpresses the bot output, but other bot functionality will continue normally (including rains if applicable). This means the bot will not respond to chat commands.

  • !s unmute: Activates bot output.

  • !s usertype [username] [usertype]: Sets the usertype (int the bot) for the specified user. Usertypes: admin, mod, bot, user, scam