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FAQ: SeuntjieBot

Can I get seuntjiebot to run in my site?

Sure thing! But SeuntjieBot is not free. The bot needs to be hosted on a windows machine, and the cost of the bot depends on what features you would like to have enabled for your site.

Feel free to contact me for a quote for your site.

What are the commands I can use?

There are a wide range of commands available in SeuntjieBot, and they are custom to each site. 

A list of the common commands can be found at For a list of site specific commands, type !s or !help into the chat of the site you want to see the commands for.

When i try to get the price of currency x, it just responds with a list of commands

If the bot responds with a list of commands instead of the price of a currency, it's usually because it doesn't know it's a currency.

I need to manually add the currencies to the list, so it often happens that I miss one when it launches. Please let me know if this happens by contacting me with the currency details

I think Seuntjiebot might miss some messages. Sometimes when I try to issue more than one command, it doesn't respond to them all.

No, this is intentional.

The bot is set to respond to a specific user no more than once per minute. This is to prevent users from spamming the chat with bot commands.

When it comes to charts: the bot doesn't allow a specific user to request a chart withing 5 minutes of his/her previous request. Charts also get cached for 10 minutes