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DiceBot 3.3.4Date Released: Monday, May 15, 2017

StableDownloads: 5738

Change Log

New Features
crashes logs exceptions to a file so I can try to debug


Bug Fixes
Fixed chart crashing
Fixed chart reset not working (thanks HardCorePawn)
fixed duckdice 2fa (thanks HardCorePawn)
fixed megadice
programmer mode bugs
bit-exo balance+stats fix

md5: deadbc13b34791cc8853bb4063cdf209
Sha256: e4f29e5a35d09d8564452d03ff7d626121be4fee0b3efaf01a999bb3b7e23315

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phyzyprogrammer25:05:2017 03:31
really cool bot it has really helped me alot
but pls could you add to your bot and thankx alot
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seuntjie25:05:2017 06:28 is already in the bot. As for, see the "can you add my site to the bot" item on the FAQ page (link on the left)
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