DiceBot 3.3.1Date Released: Sunday, February 19, 2017

StableDownloads: 1812

Change Log

New Features
Bitdice added username based login
Added Yolodice
Added Provably.io

Migrated Rollin to API
Some background changes that users won't notice but makes thing easier for me.
999dice proxy added

Bug Fixes
Bitsler randomly stopping for 2 minutes
Bitdice not betting
Rollin fixed
Betterbets fixed
Kingdice Fixed
SQLite queries, should fix some bet history and chart issues.

md5: e0f1008ea27e29ae7afd0d4666c9b013
Sha256: 4be4f33345997b1e07f01b6a743383351b7130b91dbe9dc88e12ebfbad68bced

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