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DiceBot 3.3.12Date Released: Thursday, February 1, 2018

StableDownloads: 6399

Change Log

New Features

Added new currencies for Bitsler
Updated Bitsler login method - now requires Username, Password, API Key and 2fa code (if enabled).
Increased betting speed increased.

Bug Fixes
Bitvest betting speed set dynamically on login, should prevent (or at least reduce) number of stops when betting
Bitvest tipping fixed
Bitsler resed seed fixed
Simulation reset stats bug fixed
Nitrogen sports single bet bug fixed.

md5: 966c7d574a657fc8aabe8e027bd07e0d
Sha256: 1d611f4ccb05aa0b34d019d3bf34bfa4aaa07a0c034d412c9435c2a1cd6092db

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pmalinro09:02:2018 10:06
the is no ETH to be sellected for Bitsler !! when will this be fixed ?
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seuntjie12:02:2018 23:30
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skimberlin79212:02:2018 03:15
does not appear balance in ZEC in Bitsler , please fix this
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