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DiceBot 3.3.5Date Released: Sunday, June 18, 2017

StableDownloads: 10576

Change Log

New Features

Added burst for bitsler
added dash for duckdice
duckdice disabled reset seed because of errors.

Bug Fixes
Bitsler max roll bug
yolodice betting/reset seed issues
bitdice login issues (device verification not fixed)
primedice and bitsler too many request errors.
safedice cloudflare workaround

md5: 0b5f0237bca8802b86033c6f80cbd718
Sha256: ac8496e303b14f375be18d10cec5b460619d6008260398a311c771621ba7c0f9

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clicker21:06:2017 00:54
admin seuntjie, is it possible to include in your bot option? I like to play there with a your bot. thank you. 
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yoonhaeman12:07:2017 04:29
This comment has been removed.
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seuntjie21:06:2017 19:03
See the "Can you add my site to the bot?" link on the FAQ page.
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SarwoMinerd23:06:2017 00:20
Hi brother my request bug to dice on thanks you
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douglaspanda4027:06:2017 22:46
yes good
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seuntjie23:06:2017 06:29

See the "Can you add my site to the bot?" link on the FAQ page.
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clicker25:06:2017 02:36
does it mean that didn't allowed players to play using dicebot?
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seuntjie25:06:2017 10:00
It means you have to pay me at least 0.5Btc to add a new site to the bot.
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1000bitman08:07:2017 11:27
I keep getting this error when i try to run DiceBot.

DiceBot.exe - Application Error. The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b). Click OK to close the application.

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seuntjie10:07:2017 10:03
Please see the FAQ page for help with your issue.
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douglaspanda19:07:2017 22:18
99dice is no longer logged in ..... they added xmr
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seuntjie20:07:2017 07:03
999dice still logs in fine for me and I can bet normally as well. I know they've added xmr, It's already updated for the next version of the bot.
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