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DiceBot 3.3.8Date Released: Sunday, August 13, 2017

StableDownloads: 11829

Change Log

New Features
Added Stake added freebitcoin added sitedetails object to the programmer mode.

changed the login failed message. pd speed increase Added XMR to 999dice.

Bug Fixes
Betterbets and ETC bets error display issues fixed. bitsler slow bets hopefully fixed Simulation form no longer requires simulation/start to be run from programmer mode before sim. safedice login issues (hopefully) bet history display issues.

md5: c711ca291a0358237b909bf4a0960765
Sha256: 93b608e5103b4d5f1f91298f6ccc9b509c3274e900c500acc58f4b11c5fc6af5

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douglaspanda16:08:2017 00:08
duckie dice not conect
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Aleksnes02:09:2017 09:02
I also can not connect Duckie Dice
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winsmith20:09:2017 10:55
bitsler - ether does not run. 
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winsmith20:09:2017 11:08
MISTAKE - sorry there was an error with bitsler where everyone had to reseed. Logged into bitsler reseeded and everything is working great.

How does the auto withdrawal work? It's grayed out. 
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