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DiceBot 3.4.7Date Released: Monday, January 13, 2020

StableDownloads: 2451

Change Log

New Features
Added TRX to Stake
Added TRX to PD

Updated Random class to use a cryptographically secure method
Bitvest is now useing the last user seed on login
Increased length of seed for Bitvest
Added TRX to Stake
Added TRX to PD

Bug Fixes
Nitrodice roll verifier fixed
Nitrodice betid fixed bet rounding and using chance from the site instead of recalculating it.

md5: a7786c5a910c10e19b1d6ba82aa79042
Sha256: c30f7aaed4c28a8f585cc4fd19bfec61d3ebe47aa3dbaff508c7c93ca3467286

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