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DiceBot 3.3.25Date Released: Sunday, March 3, 2019

StableDownloads: 6636

Change Log

New Features

Fixed Bitsler after update

Bug Fixes
Max roll bug for stake.
error formatting issues for bitdice
Fixed bitsler after update

md5: 910c5e71a0df1a5898cba8f359a514bb
Sha256: 04cd491d266198efe05ee00d8e067b4503f73f6a3d7ad58d90c198abd707d990

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nuNeo13:04:2019 09:55
This version doesn't seem to work properly on 

Bets are never actually executed on the server when running the bot. Bets simply hang until the connection times out.

I used this version in Windows 10 Pro. I only ran this version one other site (Yolodice) and it worked fine there.

Please have a look at this...

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