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DiceBot 3.4.15Date Released: Tuesday, March 2, 2021

StableDownloads: 81353

Change Log

New Features

pdated edge and implemented flexible edge for
added currencies for wolf

Bug Fixes
Bitsler 0 chance and always low,
win multiplier

md5: e4b1137cd3e36bdeda709d70a59875fd
Sha256: c1cf3a6cf684cf6e1280aa4d6764c162f6e314a7fe467f88fc227a3aed75f01b

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Aleks-nes02:06:2021 20:21
Is it possible to add a seed reset to bitdice ?
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heromasa14:06:2021 00:29
I hope on the next update you will add a feature that enable multiple instance window. Thanks for the update sir. 
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Ateeq11:03:2023 08:40
This comment has been removed.
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seuntjiebot19:09:2021 11:58
This comment has been removed.
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korylinkin04:10:2021 15:24
amazing bot! is it possible to add BTT currency on duckdice?
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dmdstar11:11:2022 19:36
This comment has been removed.
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dmdstar11:11:2022 19:37
You can use any currency by entering the following in the console on programmer mode: 

currency = 'btt' 

-- Swap out btt for anything that's not available in the menu, such as busd, ada, etc.
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sobiradze25:10:2021 05:21
This comment has been removed.
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sobiradze25:10:2021 05:25
stake-primedice -here is the error constantly
System.NullReferenceException: ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ????????? ?? ????????? ???????.
   ? DiceBot.PD.placebetthread(Object bet)
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at DiceBot.PD.Login(String Username, String Password, String otp)
System.NullReferenceException: An object reference does not point to an instance of an object.
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phamhuuai07:12:2021 07:25
please update me coin shib page
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soccerfreak25:12:2021 06:49
This comment has been removed.
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soccerfreak25:12:2021 06:51
soory to be the one to say it to you guys but its being said out in the diceworld that seuntjie past away..
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IrotCave19:11:2022 14:31
It's actually impossible to connect the bot with Stake, or i'm just dumb. I wrote my username, my API and the 2FA, but I always get an error message that my log in failed.
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satriani8613:04:2023 01:38
what bc game site has not been added, please if it can be added, for the classic dice game
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