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Uploaded by: Jennings
Bot Version: 3.2.2

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Jennings18:09:2016 01:14
Much love
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moscoo16@gmail.com05:11:2016 23:14
you are great man :) thanks 
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Pan10110:11:2020 16:10
This comment has been removed.
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Parsa12331:12:2016 22:10
Best settings Ever .....
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irek04:04:2017 11:02
is it still working?
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kennysaint230:05:2017 18:10
I have downloaded the software but i cant seem login each time i try to login it says fail to login
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seuntjie01:06:2017 06:39
Please see "I am unable to log in to site x (Failed to log in or create new account) even though I'm sure my username is correct. Please Help!" on the FAQ page, there's a link to the faq in the menu on the left.
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CttCJim13:11:2017 22:42
This setting is incredible!

For those wondering since there's no description: it bids the minimum on a 50/50 (basically) neither winning nor losing until it hits 5 losses in a row, THEN increases the bet, on the premise that 6 or 7 losses in a row is unlikely. It's pretty slow, about 6-7k per hour, but seems solid. i just increased the "after 5 losses change bet to" number and it seems to be running faster but of course the risk increases accordingly.

I started from 20k and am at 32k now after under 2 hours.
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bitk0ynr206:04:2019 16:30
I agree, its pretty awesome.
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anynoname04:10:2020 17:52
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