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Name:Slow, Steady Incline
Uploaded by: Skullyfox
Bot Version: 3.3.5
a moderately conservative and simple betting strategy geared for smaller accounts (under 1000sat) - i took a 300sat account at bitsler and in a few hours was over 5k satoshi, not a huge amount but starting with a small amount is always the hardest part and this strategy will get you moving to be able to move onto other more aggressive strategies. it works on a 3.7x chance @ 55% increase on losses, stopping out after 11 losses.  

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Skullyfox11:07:2017 11:03
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Michael7514:07:2017 06:39
Hi, I can not download this settings file. Invalid response from server.
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seuntjie15:07:2017 06:56

I will look into it, thank you for reporting. In the mean time, you can just copy and paste the content of the file from the text box to the right into a text file and save that.
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moonbind29:10:2018 11:03
it burned first 1K satoshi in under 2 minutes [on BitVest]; i just test the claim with 10K satoshis; will report back with results [guess shortly :p]
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arya_db09:11:2021 21:50
not profit anymore
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