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Name:Slow profit but 99.9% save
Uploaded by: bloodarena
Bot Version: 3.3.4
Martingale Strategie.
With a 11% chance u could get a 92 LoseStreak (1 Million bets), so ur balance needs to endure this.

Balance: 0.021 btc could endure a 95 LoseStreak @ 0.00000001 btc bet. Profit @24h ~0.002

Balance: 0.042 btc could endure a 95 LoseStreak @ 0.00000002 btc bet.

thanks seuntjie for this bot :)

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tomveo13:03:2018 20:20
This comment has been removed.
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linh0920:06:2018 02:08
error ? on script of you , it no run
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baby88823:04:2019 13:05
Why can't I open the dicebot software?? and I already extract it . please answare
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