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Name:Fun with faucet 2
Uploaded by: spiritual3
Bot Version: 3.3.0
one more winning set up. it is with 19 payout. it requires only 1 win in 150 bets. can start with only 30k satoshi
Suggestions welcome

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Michael7529:05:2017 19:24
Works interesting! I started at 0.00005000 and in 30 minutes I reached 0.001 (Which is cool).  But was on edge several times..
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Drovik06:08:2017 15:55
Doesn't work for me on 3.3.5 version. He just play 5% with 2X. Careful.
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supernicky19101:07:2017 04:01
nice!!!  setting bank 0.01+ but   bet  in  luck  100% up  thank much 
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