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Uploaded by: Mcpolo99
Bot Version: 3.3.25
This is a martingale negative winning setup used on Primedice.

I do recommend some kind of balance for this: minbet*(10^(9))

for 1 satoshi bet it is 10 full coins.
for 2000 sat bet > 2000 full coins
 to be more safe you can minbet*(10^(10))

I also recommend to reset seed after about 150 k bets and also manually change clientseed.

Good luck guys. 


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Papanikolis929:05:2019 19:58
with 400k this busted
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dpoker30:08:2019 09:42
This comment has been removed.
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Mcpolo9908:06:2019 21:22
h6w did you setup?
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Mcpolo9908:06:2019 21:25
and what site, becuse if you hade base bet 2k satoshi you would have gotten like a lose streak of like 200-400 ?
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