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Name:Safe`N`Sound doge
Uploaded by: Mcpolo99
Bot Version: 3.3.25
Here is another setup but on labouchere. 
I run doge coin with it and have gone profit 24 coins past 5 days. 
Minimum is hard to tell but i run with lowest about 6000 coinsto a start (0.1BCH you can use duckdice to exchange currencies quite easy but i recomend play at primedice)   

LabValues you can change and also ResetBtcProfitValue to whatever you would like

Feel free to donate

doge: DUN4FFHQVtgTt37ZHs8x3aLSzVEnL2Tr2T 
BCH: bitcoincash:qzyfh0c6rpt27tzghysc6fuqyyrlzpy8zcunf8wn2a

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