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Name:Set for Beginer W blance 150STC
Uploaded by: khaiquach29
Bot Version: 3.3.16
Hello my friend, I share w u a tip with Balance min only 150STC, i have try and start to play than 100,000 BET, i think it's ok . I'm only a new member, so i still study and try to play by many another ways. 
I think this setting will have many people need , at same like i begining. Now you need download and try to play. with your wallet. I play .
And remember this: Start w 150STC and play until balance about 600STC then stop . 
and reset then continue add about 500STC then stop..... You can play as this untill your balance than 15000STC be you can run continuty. I play more 5 hours worst lose streak is 14 - 15 . OK! Please, be patient earning capital before. AND don't be greed . 
And IF you earn about 5000STC please contact with me, i will send you another way if you need. 
Good luck to you. IF you succeed and like it. You can send a little BTC see as your BIG THANKING for me. 
MY Telegram : @khaiquach29
MY Bitsler :

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