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Name:Low risk settings 0.00001000 required
Uploaded by: laosx
Bot Version: 3.3.12
This one bets at 55% chance. It bets 0.00000001 and increases multiplies by 1.7 on loose and by 0.7 on win. On a big loose streak it eats a little bit, but it makes 0.00000800 per hour. This is very safe method and requires low amount of money. If u are not allowed to bet 0.00000001 at 55% just change starting bet and minimum bet to 0.00000002. Good luck :)

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julorage31:03:2018 20:13
good script I have win 0.00100000 btc in 1 day, script safe, requires 1000 satoshis or more, I have deposit 0,00010000 btc.

Good bets :)
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bitcoiner20:04:2018 14:05
This comment has been removed.
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moonbind26:10:2018 00:43
it reports: "no possible profit"
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Tomy4521:10:2020 10:59
Go to lap "Strategies" and set:

Starting Bet: 0.00000003 (minimum)
After 2 Wins in a row, change bet to 0.00000003 (minimum)

Go to lap "Advanced Bet Setting" and set:
Minimum Bet: 0.00000003
Maximum Bet: 0.00010000 but up to you. 10k is only my suggestion.
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udansabor15:09:2020 10:56
It says; "LUA ERROR!!
Unexpected Symbol '?'

How can I solve this?
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