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Uploaded by: togiy
Bot Version: 3.3.10
you start with 1k basebet at %70 chance if you lose 2 bets in row you changing chance to 40 and changing side

if you get 3 wins in row then it changes the chance to %50

zig-zag options are switch after 2 wins and switch after 2 losses in a row.

also at stop conditions "reset the base bet after 2 wins in a row"

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skimberlin79212:02:2018 01:44
what is the optimal deposit for this strategy?
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Wadhnak26:10:2018 16:04
I just got to know the first time, so I wanted to be a video instructing me some, please help me and give me a link
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skay0113:06:2018 18:38
friend this script did not run here on site 999Dice, which site to run this script?
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seuntjie13:06:2018 20:48
This isn't a script, it's settings for DiceBot. Click on the "How do I use this" box at the top of the screen.
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