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Name:Crawl From The Ashes
Uploaded by: CttCJim
Bot Version: 3.3.9
Busted again? Only got a few hundred sat to your name? Fear not, friend! I've got the settings for you!

Crawl From The Ashes balances the best in low risk and upward trending. It can support losing streaks with the tiniest of wallets, and before you know it you'll be back on top!

(Really it's just simple Martingale with a 1.5x modifier. But damn does it trend up nicely after a few thousand rolls!)

If you want to show appreciation, feel free.


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Dramorian10:12:2017 07:59
Betting Stopped!
[string "chunk"]:1: attempt to call global 'dobet' (a nil value)
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seuntjie10:12:2017 10:38
This isn't a programmer mode script, it's settings for the advanced mode. Click on the "How do I use this" block at the top of the screen.
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