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How do I use this?

Name:Dogecoin Script for 999dice
Uploaded by: 88JackPot
Script based on "Double chances Uploaded by:spiritual3" with autowithdraw and minbalance function.

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Hjorten23:01:2017 07:45
try the script but can not get the auto with draw to work... 

 --Change withdraw adress
 -- withdraw amount, "eM62SGniMMAqcB8SzFsABT1oxRsNdQrCp6"
--uncomment the line above and add your address to use.
 can you comment below the right setings 
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seuntjie23:01:2017 11:00
any line that is preceeded with -- is a comment. to uncomment it, remove the --

Functions like withdraw require the brackets, don't remove them.

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Hjorten24:01:2017 16:46
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patrickol24:01:2017 20:26
Keep in mind that autowithdrawl only works without 2FA on your account, otherwise it will not work.
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Hjorten25:01:2017 13:25
This comment has been removed.
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ALPHABTC21:03:2017 18:06
Please someone could put a step by step of how would the procedure of this script settings ...... Thanks any help in this regard! Thank you!
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seuntjie21:03:2017 18:32
Click on "How do I use this?" in the blueish box at the top of the page.
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raechaa25:03:2017 07:42
is it possible withdraw to 999dice account like #87249441 instead of Doge wallet?

--Really appreciate to your script
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seuntjie25:03:2017 11:36
I haven't tried. Why don't you test and let me know if it works?
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gkcheetah10017:05:2017 07:03
It is not making withdraw to my wallet can anyone please lookout and tell why it is not withdrawn to my wallet address. I didnot have any 2fa in my account.
it is displaying withdraw the amount to my wallet but it is not withdrawn.
Please check it and help why.
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seuntjie17:05:2017 13:36
Not all sites allow the bot to withdraw. Take a look at the "site features" page (link on the left side in the dicebot dropdown) to see which features are enabled for which sites.
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Dramorian10:06:2017 10:56
doesn't work. 
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Cchadwicka27:09:2017 02:32
the bot only makes one bet?  then you have to type start(( again
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