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How do I use this?

Name:25% chance strategy (need improvement!)
Uploaded by: webmastery
I only tested this on Bitsler.

This "25% chance" strategy is based on this video: (WARNING! don't download scripts/bots from youtube! the only official download for dicebot is at

I was able to hammer out a decent script for dicebot (see script below).

See this screenshot for script result:

I lack the know-how for a controlled bet high/low coding. The script starts with betting low all the way (bethigh = false). I need it to switch to high after a 10-bet losing streak, then once it hits the first win, switch to low again.

There might be some losing streak coding floating around the Net. Just let me know and I try to learn whatever I can. If you have better ideas for bet high/low strategy, feel free to amend the script code as above. Another idea is to stop the script running after a 20-bet losing streak but I KIV this first and am more keen to test bet high/low.

E-mail me at with your improvement so I can test. Thanks for your help.

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om12327:03:2017 14:49
??????? ??? ??????????? ? ?????????))
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erprugna27:09:2017 15:05
how to use the script?
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seuntjie28:09:2017 11:32
You see that blue box at the top of the screen with the text "How do I use this?"? Click on it.
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