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How do I use this?

Uploaded by: GlenArven
The basic idea is to randomly select between bethigh == true, false or true/false
Changed routine so that flip is randomly generated, while hilo is controlled by 
count of rolls above and below mid and when series of rolls are opposite and as long
as a loosing series based on balance

The 2x multiplier can and should be modified based on your balance. 

As with any martingale time is an issue. The hope is the 1.1x bets will break up some of the 2x runs. It is slow but steady and can run for 48 hrs.

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patrickol17:01:2017 17:10

Interesting dice script you made. I'm willing to test it. I have one note:

There seems to be a glitch on the 90.0 chance. if it is betting on this, it makes very high bets like 80% of total balance. Can you please clarify.

Hopefully it can be fixt so testing can be done :)
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juip11117:01:2017 22:36
Hi Patrickol, according to settings u insert how much invest
maxroll = 1 -- The number of roll that can happen based on the balance at the time of roll
like 0.25 = 25%balance
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patrickol18:01:2017 12:38
This comment has been removed.
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patrickol18:01:2017 12:40
Hi, Thank you for your reply. So if i understand it correctly this is the setting that make the 1.1 bets high bets, so it have to be succesfull in 1 bet or when this setting is set to 2 or 3 then it lower the bets, so it have 2 or 3 chances for the 1.1 bets. Is this correct?

A bit poor english but I think understandable :)
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patrickol18:01:2017 15:58
This comment has been removed.
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juip11118:01:2017 17:22
nope maxroll is not limit for percentage haved see its statistic variable, Have tested the script with 25000 bet and goes from 11000 to 570000 around 560% but need some improvements like before 90chance bet need to resetseed() and make % of balance to invest , according delay time after first 90fail and make small bet to enablish new stats with money management.
for auto balance only set 
tbase = balance/777777                  -- 1.1x base bet
base = balance/7777777                  -- 2x base bet
or depend on your balance divisions
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patrickol18:01:2017 20:01
I see the setting maxroll is not doing this part. do not know what it will do then. betting with balancesize is working as you mentioned, thanks.

the extra wishes makes sense. maybe and hopefully there will come a version 2. Just test this script with great plessure.
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juip11118:01:2017 22:28
Im looking to understund how set right percentage of investment based on balance, have see use maxroll for identify in wich state they are, contact me on skype A1Vm whats site have experienced?
for thats use some need to reset seed ...see a 3x 90 chance 5000%bet and in 3 bet drawdown.
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patrickol19:01:2017 10:54
I see that the script needs some improvements in the right percentage of bets for the 1.1 bets because now it is some too risky. Did loose 2 times total balance because of the maximum bets that can occurs max 2 times. It happened that those 2 bets both were lost so total entire balance is gone. It would be much safer if the max losses are 3 or 4 with maximum bets.
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juip11117:01:2017 19:48
This comment has been removed.
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GlenArven22:01:2017 13:02
Thx for the interest guys. I have made some improvements that could be added to this script but honestly it would be better to just start over. I actually ran into 8 1.1x bets over 90 the other day. So once again 1.1x bets scare me. :) Happy hunting.
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juip11122:01:2017 20:45
Comliments its great script ! I like exchange opinions :) Improvements intend the new script Bet Multiplier see is littel different and have minor variables? it retourns end missing error Im looking where it !

8 of 1.1 bet is so huge !! how many kbet are statistics ? Im used on 3 sites and after 30kbet have 3x drain only with one, Ihave see if have consecutive losses and resetseed and make some minor bets ... after thats consecutive 90chance work well ! Add me on skype A1Vm

Another way Im looking to implement is use 2 strategy at same time see some uses the 25%chance some 0.1% .. and 90% if mix them all results non static script with chance/seed dechain.
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patrickol24:01:2017 20:30
Cool, hope to see the improments soon. Will test also you other posted script.
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patrickol22:01:2017 15:38
Wow 8 constructive losses of 1.1 bets in a row? That is rare but yeah still gambling where everything can happen.

When do you think in what timeframe you going to post the update or rewritten script. I will come back here then from time to time to check for it.

Thanks and good to see you are active here at Seuntje :)
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GlenArven26:01:2017 16:53
I've moved into a new script that is well developed and uses ideas started here. But I will not be returning to this script per say. 
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