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Name:999dice special
Uploaded by: spiritual3
I prepared this script, suitable for 999dice. Players can change the base bet as per their choice. I tested this with 1 satosh for 10k .. As i tested.. the maximum reds are only 4. As you all know there is no sure strategy for dice . but we can consider it one of the safe strategies .. I run this script continuously for one day successfully.

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Hjorten03:01:2017 16:07
test now , start whit 78k
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spiritual304:01:2017 10:19
I suggest you to please test with free doge coins in 999dice Once you satisfied . then only do with invested money. Please try to post our result status also..
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Hjorten05:01:2017 08:28
fail this morning after 1200 bet and whit 22k in litecoins 
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plamenm08:01:2017 12:34
Hi. you need to run the script for 20min not for 1 day. :)
wait 10min and log in again and run the script or switch to another dace platform and switch betwean.   
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Hjorten14:01:2017 14:48
haha 1200 bet is not even 20 min ... 
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hibaby609:02:2017 06:57
it gives me the error please enter a valid address. How do i fix this? sorry for the noob question.
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seuntjie09:02:2017 14:15
This isn't this script. Enable advanced settings mode, go to stop/reset conditions tab, enter a value into the withdraw to box.
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Wesmew04:10:2018 10:46
can this script be added again to stop losing streak in a row more than three times, then return to the original bet?
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cryptomonk21:08:2019 16:30
April Fool's joke script! :p
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