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How do I use this?

Name:Percentage Martingale
Uploaded by: seuntjie
This uses martingale as you set it up in the advanced bet settings, but the base bet is a percentage of you balance updated after every win.

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amGigolo17:02:2017 05:02
what are these for?

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seuntjie17:02:2017 06:43
Please see this page, near the bottom:
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biku11212:03:2017 11:43
This comment has been removed.
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vasdeb200029:07:2017 22:17
not a bad script. I have it customized for the balance of 2000 Satoshi. Still had to adjust himself a martingale in the program. Big guarantee of preserving your balance + 50-75% profit in 4 hours.
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heisonov15:10:2017 09:54
how u customized to 2000 satS? how can i customized  to 1000 sats? helpme please 
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lukii19:10:2017 08:43
I try but im stay in place :/  
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Faargo11:10:2020 16:56
This comment has been removed.
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Faargo11:10:2020 16:56
, hey Vas I was wondering if you were able to post an example script so I could get my head around it? Or perhaps email me on I want to do my own thing but am having trouble entering the different values/layout. Example above leaves me questioning. This first time using a bot
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Bhagwan13:12:2017 06:03
How to run any scripts in console i have cleared and pasted and hit on Enter but its showing error?
I have not run even 1 script available on ur site?
on Firefox browser
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seuntjie16:12:2017 11:53
These are not browser scripts, these are scripts for DiceBot. Click on the blue "How do I use this" box at the top of this page.
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redjonh07:03:2018 08:56
I have a script that i have getting the following error in code.

sorry for posting it here in this thread, my apologies but needed answer.

Betting Stopped!
[string "chunk"]:129: stack overflow

how do i resolve this in my code?
pls dont remove my comment.
I need answers seuntjie
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seuntjie08:03:2018 05:48
This comment section is for discussing the post that you're on, not really for asking general questions. You will likely have more luck asking for help on
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Dangata21:01:2017 18:05
seems profitable based on ones account balance, but stops bet after one or two rolls. you have to type start() again and again.
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seuntjie22:01:2017 17:37
Check your martingale settings and stop conditions in the advanced mode. It enables them. If you're betting at bitsler, be sure to set your betting speed to 1 bet/s or ensure your minimum bet is >0.00001000 Btc
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ZYKAYATRES24:03:2017 03:16
what is the base balance for this script? thanks
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seuntjie24:03:2017 06:55
Whatever you want. Play for fun, not for profit. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose.
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Faargo20:10:2020 00:41
Seuntjie I read in another comment that you needed to add two lines to to the top of the script to enable the settings made in advanced to be active, is that the same with this script? I have just been changing the % values in Code and the nextbet = XX.XXXX value in Console. are you supposed to paste the script in Programmer mode then chance to advanced mode and change settings?
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Asarov09:01:2018 12:58
Hey, man, I don't know what's happening. I change the percentage (10, 1, 0.1, 0.01), but it keeps betting 0.01% of my balance (the martingale system is ok). Can you help me?
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perez01:03:2020 04:57
como puedo configurarlo a 2000sat ya que como esta no me funciona
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