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Uploaded by: orangutan
-1L, -1L, -1L, -4L, -4L, -4L, -16L, -16L, -16L, 64W/ resets to the base rate,-1L, 1W, -1L, -4L, 4W, 4W/ resets to the base 
Rates grow more slowly during a long series of consecutive losing bets.
Winning bid does not guarantee reset on the base.
Reset to basic, then when in scoring, either in the three is the first bet either of the three only 1 losing.

1W/resets to the base rate,1W/resets to the base rate,-1L,-1L

-1L, 1W, -1L, -4L, 4W, 4W/ resets to the base rate,-1L,1W,-1L

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thenumber8114:06:2016 18:04
What is the highest safe percentage of my balance? Right now I'm betting at 0.01% for a couple hundred bets and it's good so far, but... I was wondering if there was a logical reason the default starting bet is 1 satoshi. After a few hundred bets it seems like I would be wasting my time with that much. Ideally you could have added more details about that in the description. Good job with the bot, I love it so far. With a $10 balance I'm getting an average $0.000044/bet (60 satoshi)
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spiritual303:09:2016 05:33
It looks 0.001% of your balance is its base bet .
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ACJelly09:04:2017 09:09
this is one of the more stable scrips I've used. I have had this running over two sites (SafeDice & 999dice). Both started with a balance of 0.01, withdraws made every 0.0011 profit.

SafeDice crashed at 100000 bets at 2x initial balance withdrawn.

999Dice is still going at 300000 bets at 3x initial balance withdrawn.

Whilst this script does handle long loss strings better than traditional martingale it still has its pitfalls, there are many loss win patterns that can make the bets go haywire, ultimately leading to a crash out.
Like all betting strategies you must set a min balance and you must withdraw/invest frequently.
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Maestro07:09:2015 13:49
Hey man is there an way to get contact with you?
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seuntjie07:09:2015 15:19
Have you tried the contact page?
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vasdeb200029:07:2017 03:11
This is a very great script! Works very well and selectively as a prophet!!! Thank you for your work!!!
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