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Name:Jackpot hunter
Uploaded by: seuntjie
This script is for hinting the BTc jackpot on Bitlser.

It's basically a 25%/x3.69 martingale, but it monitors how close it's come to hitting the jackpot by keeping track of how close it's been to 77.77. It stops and chimes when it's balance goes over 0.1, indicating either good profit or a jackpot hit. It has a reset based on profit that occasionally raises the risk for the player until a desired profit margin has been hit again. If it needs to reset, it increases the risk again until the profit margin is hit.

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fungraphic02:12:2016 23:49
This comment has been removed.
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spiritual305:12:2016 15:48
this script work very well. It will be more help if the admin suggests the present of base bet to the balance. And if we want to increase the base bet, how to do that please.
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rawshaxx31:01:2017 13:56

How to change the timer on it because it stops after one hour each time. and how to add a reset on 15 losses??
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fungraphic02:12:2016 23:55
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Hjorten19:12:2016 09:32
how do you make that stop loss security ? 
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rawshaxx31:01:2017 13:11
This comment has been removed.
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leka99999903:06:2017 09:58
???????????? ???????? ??????. ?????? ?????? ???? ??? ? ???????????????. ??? ??? ?????????

Hello Download the script. The script takes one step and stops. How to fix it
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