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Name:legion of Boom
Uploaded by: chilly2k1
Uses math.random to randomly increase bets.  Start out covering a long losing streak and occasionally bet a shorter streak.  Betting is based on balance.  easy to change.  

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jorgeal9405:08:2015 18:39
Please set starting bet using nextbet = x.xxxxxxxx
Please set starting chance using chance = yy.yyyy

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seuntjie06:08:2015 09:50
Do exactly what it says: in the console, type nextbet = xxx.xxxxxx (replace xxx.xxxx with what you want your first bet to be) and press enter. Then try start() again
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jorgeal9428:08:2015 01:37
don´t work in dadice,not try to bet and suddenly says: Bet Failed:Please enter bet amount.
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seuntjie28:08:2015 18:55
Does the bot work at all at dadice for you? are you sure your api is enabled and you're using the correct api key?

Might have been a little down time for them again?
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jorgeal9408:09:2015 00:10
the bot works completly in dadice, but this script don´t work on it... Api and other things are okay, because I use my own scripts and work well.
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seuntjie09:09:2015 08:55
This script contains an invest function that would need to be disabled for dadice. You can comment it out using -- in front of the invest function. If you have any questions about the script specifically, you'll need to ask the script author (chilly2k) about it.
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AXCESS23:07:2016 20:38
Hi, thanks for sharing this great script, i'm testinging it. i have one little problem found what stop the script in betting, and end up some losses (about 15%). the error that occurs is this: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
This message was noted after step 10. Hope it can fixt. It will cover that these types of losses can not occurs anymore by this error. Thanks
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lazareth109:09:2016 14:35
I get the 'bet amount not valid' message when the 95% bets start and the bot stops. Any ideas why? 
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baraniday16:09:2016 10:44
   io.write("high or low (h/l)? ")
until answer=="h" or answer=="l"
Does not work!!!
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whipzman29:09:2016 10:04
Whenever i run this after a little while i get an error index not in bound
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cryptobetz16:10:2017 04:01
Does anyone  know how to stop nextbet before its placed in case it is over a certain value? Example: if nextbet > 1000 stopnow, I have tried many things but failed so far.

          nextbet = previousbet * martimulti
          base = false
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