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Name:Volume Maker Vol.1
Uploaded by: Arsonist
Use with 2 bots working at the same time! Not 1, not 3.

50% profit a day, 60 to 80 times the volume of the initial balance a day.

Note: I cant upload scripts for some reason, so i will simply upload this, and write a description in the comments section.

Share the profit with people who deserve! Thank You.

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Arsonist23:08:2020 15:14
Busted on 4th day...
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thiago1824:09:2020 01:40
hola amigo he probado el script y en cierto tiempo va bien y ya después se llega a sincronizar en un solo sentido y se va a perdida, ahí es donde perdí todo el balance, pero reconocer si es bueno el trabajo gracias.
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LovesFreedom24:08:2020 01:37
Is there settings I can tweak to avoid this? Im really liking the diffrent aproach this bot has compared to others. Probably one of my favortites so far
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Arsonist24:08:2020 12:20
Although there is no way to win against any rng, we are here to have fun with our money, as long as possible, and thats why im working on Dicebot. I will certainly post a "better:)" one if i manage to make. 

Current problem is, the advantage of using 2 bots becoming a disadvantage at a certain point. Maybe i can try binding the "n" value to a proportion of balance. In any case, i am a defender of using multiple scripts. Maybe this script should be the main "phase" and it should make phase1=false and phase2=true when "n" reaches to a certain proportion of the balance. I will try such options. Good luck and thanks for the comment.
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BradBJuno30:08:2020 14:05
I get invalid bet amount ? When I remove a few zeros from maxbalance it works bloody cleverly until q2 ? I think. But it consistently makes a tiny profit. is there a minimum balance ? you got some kind genius with numbers going on dude . How do you put a stop of balance lower than ? Will it use the Dicebot Advanced stop conditions ? Only using one bot , tried 2 but obviously the invalid bet amount comes up with both 
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Bullseye09:09:2020 19:18
What exactly does "Progress" do?
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Arsonist22:11:2020 07:48
its an approximation to measure time in simulations.
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Nazarildio04:09:2020 22:33
Um bom Script. Está funcionando muito bem. Obrigado!
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Arsonist22:08:2020 14:05
  0.5*2 - 0.5*1 = +0.5

 Do you know what is this above?

 So called Reward/Risk ratio. They fool people saying, markets will either go up or down, they both have 50% chance. So you should set a target for your profits that should me higher than the target you set for your loss(ie stoploss).

This is a lie. Not a fallacy but a huge trick/scam to lure stupid money into financial markets which is a form of casino.

 Because, selecting a Reward of 2 units and Risk of 1 unit DOES NOT have 50% probabilities equally. Completing a 2 units of reward versus 1 unit risk occurs  33.333% of the times, NOT 50%! And the 1 unit of risk will be executed 66.666% of the time. Resulting in 0.33*2 - 0.66*1 = 0 . Thank me for teaching you something and saving your money. Moving on to de-scription now.

 So, having a 1/2 reward/Risk ratio means, 66.6% probability versus 33.3% probability if the chances of the outcome is 50% at each step.

 I am using 1/2 reward/R ratio by using constant number of bets which are 4 and 8(my initial reward target is 4(ie q==4), so if i lose a bet, it will become q=5, and because it has a room of 8 losses, if q becomes 12(ie q==12) and it will increase the number of attempt by 1 (ie n+=1) . 

*For dummies, Assuming a won bet has +1 value and lost bet -1, if it reaches to -8, script will increase the "attempts" by 1. Script starts with the first attempt which is represented by n=1. So if script reaches to -8, n will become 2. If same occurs afterwards it will become 3 etc.

 So even its betting on 50% chance on "each bet", in fact script is working on a 66.6% probability on "each attempt" because it is using a r/R ratio.

 Think about a frustrating "red" series of bets, 100 wins vs 150 losses in a 250 bets session. Such sessions with high variances are the main cause i and most of us suck in gambling. So we try using Dicebot to avoid those frustrations. Yet it is those red series also cause your script to fail. You can run but you can not escape. And this is the reason i set my approach on designing a script for Dicebot, "to gain a number of bets of room" on each lost attempt. In this example of 250 bets session, that 50 net lost bet difference will make the "n" value in this script increased to 7-8. Assuming it as 8, script needs 8*4=32 net won bets to recover such situation.(4 is our reward target and it needs to achieve it 8 times)
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salem825:08:2020 06:27
yes right running 2 bots at the same time will not fix problem.
you can post your thoughts on forum and people will come forward to help!
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