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Name:10x stable payout
Uploaded by: gohkb
This strategy is a passive strategy which you can run overnight without busting. Works on the simple increase 10-11% on loss and reset on win. Please start with a balance of at least 0.01 to ensure you can tank a 100 loss streak (longest streak i've gone through while testing this strategy). It is closely modeled after some scripts on this page. 
To change your basebet, input a value in the basebet spot or change the multiplier. to change the increase at loss: change the SECOND multi value. In this case i have set it to increase 10.5% on loss, but this can be changed to any value you want between 10 and 11. The increase function will help to increase your profits slightly but also depletes your balance faster. in this case, I have placed an increase of 0.0035% on every losing bet. This value can be changed in any way you want, but i recommend not going above 0.005%. Let me know what you think of this!

DISCLAIMER: it takes at least 1 hour of running this before you start to see some profit, so do not panic and see your balance dropping at the start. 

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