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Name:░▒▓█ Anal Babies v1 █▓▒░
Uploaded by: shermhead

This script works under the theory that the closer the
last bet roll was to 50, there is an increased likelihood that
the next roll will be closer to 0 or 100 than it is to 50.

Even if my theory is garbage, the script is conservative,
has some randomness, has static variation of high/low. It is
pretty bust resistant.

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Covaldy28:07:2020 10:30
Hello good script.  Can you add to the script: losses - stop !?
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Centurion04:08:2020 14:24
one always needs to make some assumptions, thats the fun part in dice-script creation. and indeed, sum of all rolls converge to 50. i also used it in my own fallacies. all gambling ideas are garbage, you dont need the defend yourself beforehand, against a possible duche to make some bad comments. 
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Covaldy12:08:2020 05:02
can anyone make a stop loss in this without empty talk! ???
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Spock24:10:2020 09:14
I'm just here enjoying the comments.
But while I'm here, I do think it's the best script 
name I've seen for dicebot.
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salem809:08:2020 06:58
Don't use this script above 1 coin balance
  basebet = balance/10^5 
this will bust placing big bet

under, function dobet()
    nextbet = a/(99/chance)

    payout  = (100-1)/chance
    multi   = payout/(payout-1)
    nextbet = a/(payout/multi)

    nextbet = math.floor(nextbet*10^8)/10^8

which one of these "nextbet" line is getting used, can you tell?
all of those "nextbet" are under function dobet(), not any specific condition!
so which one is getting called?
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salem809:08:2020 07:14
checked only below line is used in the script on lose
  nextbet = math.floor(nextbet*10^8)/10^8

 payout and multi both are useless in script
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