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Name:x25 long run hits Big
Uploaded by: salem8
How it works in simple :-

Bets at Chance = 3.96%, x25
Balance required minimum Coin = 1 
Basebet is Balance x 0.00000001 satoshi 
on each losing streak increases multiplier by +0.00034
on each win multiplier resets to original value
alternating high and low after every win

Donate :
-- DOGE      D8jQRtPASvUaeNSiSv1DTJbBLphpHfNY8A
-- TRX       TYX3rN7budfyiKfjkUzux2fvHhgAn1a1cG
-- XRP       r4VaPEKo4XoU27bCREgsTdbfKrKwNxJ1Cm
-- XRP Tag:  87688

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