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How do I use this?

Name:Safe C95 Betset
Uploaded by: Heavy
The script does not need to be changed, everything is set and automatic.

--Ok, but wtf does it do?

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Tomy4525:09:2020 12:45
This original system above is very dangerousy. Betting at 95% chance. After first lose system putting 10 * previousbet. After second lose in a row system changing chance to 49.50 and putting 2 * previousbet and  until win. After win the system come back to chance 95% and basebet. But what you must to know is that the system lossing all bankroll after 4 loses in a row. So not recommend. Below I modified a little this system. So now you playing all the time at 95% chance. After each lose no matter in a row or single, the nextbet is always  2 * previousbet until profit + 1. It's looks like Oscar's grind system now and is more safety. Additional I added randomly reset seed at winnings and every time at lose to avoid loses in a row. So ... test it first for free money in long term and then leave the comment here. Good luck. 

-- My first script
-- Safe C95 Betset
-- No need to change anything, All of this is automatic
chance          = 95 
basechance      = chance
amount          = 1000    --  <<  change your basebet here 
takeprofit      = 5 / 100 + 1
multiplier      = 100 / (100 * takeprofit - chance) 
base            = balance * multiplier / amount 
nextbet         = base 
bethigh         = true  
StartingBalance = 0
highprofit      = 0

function dobet()
r = math.random (10)
  if r > 4 then resetseed() end
  print("random  :"..r)

  if (StartingBalance == 0)
      StartingBalance = balance-currentprofit
      print("StartingBalance   "..StartingBalance)

  if win 
      multiplier = 100 / (100 * takeprofit - chance) 
      base       = balance * multiplier / amount 
      nextbet = previousbet*2
  if profit > highprofit then
    nextbet = base
    highprofit = profit
  if currentstreak <= -1
      print("currentstreak   "..currentstreak)
      print("StartingBalance   "..StartingBalance)
      print("balance   "..balance)
      print("previousbet   "..previousbet)
      print("nextbet   "..nextbet)
      print("chance   "..chance)
      print("multiplier   "..multiplier)
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