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Name:dicewith low balance.
Uploaded by: Spiritual-3
Dear friends. After more than two years, I came online again with a new and very safe script. My previous user id is Spiritual3. But I lost that password. That is why I registered with the present user id. I scripted this strategy for members, who wanted to play with min balance. It is completely free. Please mail me if anyone trying to scam members with this script.
Thank you.

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cryptomonk27:11:2019 21:11
thanks, i'm always looking out for fresh ideas - let me try this! any suggestions to basebet, minbalance, etc.?
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MadMax4517:05:2020 05:43
Crashed after 20 mins running with a basebet of 0.00000010 with 0.00059500 sats in though I think it could be safer with a higher balance this went well in my case. It stopped in 0.00043400 just because the next bet was higher than my balance.
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auracell15:11:2022 15:46
you're so stupid, small balance big bet, it's definitely crash
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