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Name:alecon x fishing
Uploaded by: adolfo
This script combine ALECON system with "JP Dice" Fishing.
All the settings are in %
Don't worry about bust all, there is a stop loss!

Enjoy it and give me your feedback!

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donkert20:07:2019 10:25
IS this profitable ?? and how stop breaks
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tima44503:09:2019 09:29
how to disable stop loss
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tima44503:09:2019 11:24
Target archived!
Betting Stopped!
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donkert24:07:2019 07:53
This doenst work
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fungraphic18:08:2019 13:58
it's work fine.
Just adjust...

div = 1000000

for your balance because 1000000 it's for a minimal balance 0.01 or 1000000 :D
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drusha200611:09:2019 19:19
Hello guys!. Anyone knows safest method to recover after stoploss? 
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