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How do I use this?

Uploaded by: PMG
Hello , I'm french. I tried to translate in English. But it's probably very imperfect.

look for the big number of losses in a row or big number of wins in a row .
As a result of the best series detected the script plays a martingales with a base bet optimized
to use 100% of the balance and an automatic cacul of the increase of wagered And can scan hundreds of different luck and in both directions (over / under)


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PMG04:04:2019 17:50
be careful ! the script has errors. Download latest version here: look in the video description
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Becky123406:04:2019 03:28
For basebet not required to use /div!
We can directly set satoshi bet, i tried it.
bb = 0.00000001 ------ base bet
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PMG06:04:2019 12:46
yes you're right 0.00000001 is the samething that 1/div
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Papanikolis929:05:2019 19:40
not working
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PMG22:06:2019 10:43
script update:
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PMG22:06:2019 10:43
This comment has been removed.
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