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Name:Keeping it simple
Uploaded by: skarbor
Bets at 1% and gradually increasing bet size to recover losses.

It can see a losing streak of 1550(1.7% in 10Million rolls), after which it will bust.

It prints some stats for you to gauge its performance over time. 

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bobwood13:01:2019 18:16
excellent script! thank you, what should i change payout to if i make chance 10%? Or 25%
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skarbor19:04:2019 18:08
the dice website you're gonna roll on should show the payout.
for yolodice, 10% is 9.9 and 25% 3.96
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bobwood13:06:2019 21:16
What losing streak can it reach if i change the chance to 10% and change to
balance / 1000000 (took off one zero)
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