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Name:Most stable doge 49.5%
Uploaded by: dleboy
bet at 49.5% most safe %, start from 0.00000001
the min bankroll just need 0.005 doge
more basebet,faster you bet,and more you earn 

don't worry about the red steak, higher bank roll you have , the risk will be reduce.

if you like this scripts, please donate to this doge adress:

Note: If you want to add a comment in a script, use -- in front of the comment, otherwise it breaks the script.

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moonbind30:10:2018 20:24
test balance was soon destroyed by 2x 4x 8x 16x 32x 64x etc sequence, it doubled-down in mathemathical progression like crazy; probably hit some bad streak; so you know, only for testing and study of scripts!
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