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Name:100x Hunter
Uploaded by: brd841
**Not recommended for balances under 0.00100000 BTC**

Starts with a base bet of 10 satoshi and doubles every 50 rolls. Switches sides (high/low) every win, unless 2 or more wrongside rolls occurred. Resets seed every 100 rolls. Displays stats in console every 5 rolls. Will stop script automatically after profit goal is met (default 2x).

-- User parameters --
chance = .99 (set to 1 for 99x payout)
basebet = 0.00000010 (Recommended setting is lowest bet allowable for currency)
lossmultiplier = 2
multiplyevery = 50
resetseedevery = 100 (Set to 0 to disable)
updatestats = 5 (50-100 works better for simulation. Set to 0 to disable)
wrongsidemax = 1 (Will not switch high/low if there are more than 1 wrongside rolls. Set to 0 to disable)
goalx = 2 (Set to any number greater than 1, e.g. 1.5 if your profit goal is 50%. Set to 0 to disable)

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moonbind03:11:2018 12:37
it actually works!
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moonbind03:11:2018 18:13
but, in a short while, it starts receiving more RED BADS as the bets count up; and it eventually runs into RUIN; for educational purposes, it's great; DO NOT GAMBLE!
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