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Name:How to buy a home - v1
Uploaded by: Homelessguy
1) This method is unstable like all methods and holds a chance of causing you to bust. 
It is likely you'll never be able to pay for anything with this method. 
Hopefully you have fun ;)

2) The recommended balance is 13-15k satoshis and above in btc. 
If your balance largely exceeds 15k sats ,simply divide your balance by 7500 to find a more suitable basebet.

3) This script relies on two key aspects: 
firstly after a certain amount of wins it expects a loss, this is done through simple probability from a 1 in 3 loss chance .
 After two wins we lower the basebet for a loss. 
Secondly, depending on the depth of a loss streak we use certain multiplier with a difference of 0.1 as it ascends starting with 2 then stopping at 2.6

4)For note here are a few loss streak chances to help you undestand more easily if you are beating the loss streak odds or having a bad day
-Please bear in mind your first set of bets could be 15 losses or after 500k bets you could have never seen more than 10 losses; these are just estimations
--8 losses = 1 in 6600
--9 losses = 1 in 19700
--10 losses = 1 in 59000
--11 losses = 1 in 177100
--12 losses = 1 in 531400

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LOLDevin04:07:2018 07:31
Can you make a random high/lo switch?

~ also great bot tbh. :)
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ripzombie28:06:2018 07:52
Script not running ??

Starting Dicebot 3.3.18
'then' expected, got 'nextbet'
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Homelessguy28:06:2018 13:42
yea there's an error after currentstreak == x there should be a then
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ripzombie28:06:2018 14:34
This comment has been removed.
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