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Name:5 point Standard V3.6.5
Uploaded by: cryptscoins
Version V3.6.5 Stable
14 Preroll script with Bet on 15th roll, resets and repeats. 

What does it do:
Bet is based on total balance that can handle a predefined total lost streak set by user.  
Script will preroll 14 prerolls and compare the wins and the losses. then on the 15th roll it will bet 1 of 3 ways. Hi | Lo | NOBET based on that comparison.

if a Nobet, then the script will continue to next bet chance. 
if a loss script will reset and again roll 14 prerolls, compare and bet again and martingaling the previous bet.

*if u get error nextbet=x.xxxxxxx, trying to start(), make a manual bet by clicking the bet hi or bet lo buttons on dicebot.
**The makers/developers of this script are not liable for any and all loss; you are gambling

Donations accepted:
-- Prime Dice: cryptscoins - 3QzwQMVpkhF218mkZSbnnxpcVbbzBbYXdB
-- Prime Dice: thefrog - 3JuA2y7amCzCgHbr4LQN8YysGHpyBy72Ua

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magic74720:05:2018 04:17
Dear, if the dice preroll is other than 14 but 15, or even more

How to set the count value?

Please send me email for details ,thank you so much.
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sankasanka29:05:2019 21:53
good job, little but stable gains,

How can we stop on limit / balance.

maybe 14 th red streak  can we stop it 
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