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Name:LOLDevin's Mathingale
Uploaded by: LOLDevin
Stretched Martingale/ Mathingale :) 

After 8 loses, It will multiply basebet by 2.5

I made around 0.02 doge from the 999dice faucet, ( which gives 0.01)

 When betting, it goes ( 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,<- one plateau ) 2.5,2.5 etc etc

If you hit on the start of a plateau, you gain massive profit. If you hit on the middle/end of a plateau, you broke even/ loss a little.

============ BEST CASE SCENARIO ================ 

Say you lost 8 times with a basebet of 1 unit. and won on the 9th

1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1= 8 units lost

2.5*8 = 20 units won

20-8 = 12 units profit.

============Worst Case Scenario=================

You lost around 15 rounds in a row and won on the 16th./ end of a plateau.

(1*8) + (2.5*7) = 25.5 units lost

2.5*8 = 20 units won

-5 units profit.

This could apply to every other plateau and you can be unlucky and hit at the end of a Plateau every time.


Anyways Have fun!, if you make any profit send it to Seuntjie for making the bot, and dicebot!

I just configured settings :3

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