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Name:Basic Martingale with swap Hi-Low
Uploaded by: MRoSlot
I start with 100Doge in 999dice.
i use base 0.1 (depend on balance 100Doge).
bet 1000 times (simulated).
stop if get 50Doge profit.
and stop if lose 8 times in a row.
*How it work*
Bet low is the default.
If you lose 3 times in a row swap to bet high,
if you still lose 3 times in a row swap to low one time
and back to high.
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thiago1829:08:2018 21:17
hola podra configurar este script puesto seria bueno que cuando gana continue en ese rango y no vuelva a LOW y digamos que si gana en HIGH continue en ese proceso y no cambie a low
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