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Name:Constant update system
Uploaded by: jayeagle22
Betting 90%
updating base bet as balance increases
multiplies by 11 on loss
as it is set it can survive a 5 loss streak...
change the "newbalance/XXX" number to change your percentage (constant divider)

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richard199301:03:2018 12:52
This comment has been removed.
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irek14:02:2018 22:46
There is an error in this script it does not change the chance to 90% it uses whatever there was used in the last bet. Just lost 0.5.
Be careful. 
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berti22:02:2018 23:53
not my script, but i looked at it, and it breaks like this because the 'chance' variable is built-in and so strictly defined and in this script is misspelled 'Chance' --

Rename the first variable to chance [using a lowercase 'c'] and it should work.
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gabrielss25:04:2018 08:00
this is bullshit
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