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Name:Table based betting 2 wins.
Uploaded by: chilly2k
Bets at 39.6% chance.
Trying for a 2 win streak.  
Table based betting.
auto investing.  
Bot stops when table has been run.  

  This version checks the rolls until it see either 2 wins or 2 loses in a row.  Once that occurs it waits for the next win and then try the bet.  It's attempting to find a 2 win streak and avoid the hi/lo/hi/lo streaks that sometimes occur.   

There are 2 savings features built into this script.  There is a target value.  Once the balance is over the target, the target and any extra is invested.  The next target is increased by the target value.  So you balance will grow as your invested amount grows. 
  The second feature is the save factor.  Once your balance reaches the save factor it will automatically invest anything over your original balance.  As coded it's 1.25.  If you start with 10 coins, once your balance is greater then 12.5 the script will invest anything over 10.  

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steven13:08:2015 03:22
How import and use one of these scripts?  thanks
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seuntjie13:08:2015 20:02
Click the View script Button above. Open your bot. Set the settings mode to programmer mode. paste the script above into the code box. Go to the console tab. type nextbet = xx.xxxx and press enter in the input box at the bottom, where xx.xxxx is the amount of your first bet. type start() and press enter to start the bot, and stop() to stop to the bot see
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psygambler21:08:2015 15:19
I have a issue with this script and the other that is similar to this one. 
When I hit start() it goes a couple of rounds then invest the whole bank.
Why? is there something I forgot to put in?
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seuntjie22:08:2015 09:22
Only thing I can think of is that it's getting the startbalance incorrectly. try printing the startbalance at the start of the dobet function and see what it's value is.

an easy fix cold be to add something like this to the start of the dobet fucntion as well:

if startbalance == 0 then startbalance = balance end

If the problem still persists, you'll need to ask the author of the script about it.
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psygambler22:08:2015 19:42
Thank you,

Will give it a try, get back to you with the results ;) 

So is the bot going to support coinmillions? I saw you in the chat, so i guess you found the site ;P
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seuntjie22:08:2015 21:12
This comment has been removed.
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seuntjie22:08:2015 23:00
Someone pointed me to the site, but it ended there. I have not found anyone willing to pay the standard 0.5 BTc fee for coinmillions. Until that happens, the bot will most probably not support coinmillions
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psygambler23:08:2015 18:58
Ok, I will have a chat with the admin there, it's just been started so it's in it's early days.

The if startbalance input worked by the way! Thanks
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Mike.N01:03:2016 06:38
I like this script, however I will like to add a couple of extra bets to extend the chain and I seem to be making a mistake. Could someone assist?

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seuntjie02:03:2016 08:45
just add a line to the winbets array, just make sure there's a comma between every item and not after the last item
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Mike.N03:03:2016 07:06
I did try that and it didn't work, maybe I actually forgot the comma. Anyway thanks. Will give it a test later. Playing with the jossy martingale at the moment.
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savagechris7919:03:2017 06:10
anybody works with it right now ? still works ?
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fullpost28:09:2017 03:22

How do I want it to run faster?
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seuntjie28:09:2017 11:33
Betting speed is usually dependent on the site
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LeSkyrunner02:01:2018 17:00
how could I change the %chance for every bet? I tried add this, but it didnt work:


Any idea?
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