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Name:Tier et Tout
Uploaded by: StarBuck
This script follows the Tier et Tout betting strategy explained here:

A bet amount (preferably divisible by 3) is used, the first third is bet at 2x payout. If it wins, the profit from that win is divided by three, and is added onto the original base bet. This goes on until the profit target or profit limit is reached. If the profit target is reached, the bot resets back to the base bet. If the profit limit is reached, the bot outputs the profit won, resets bet to base bet, and stops automatically. If there is a loss, the last two thirds of the current bet amount is bet, switching the roll from high to low or from low to high. The bot is smart, during a loss streak, it only bets the first third until a win occurs.

Here is an example:

Starting Bet Amount: 9

Bet  Result  Profit  Balance
3     Win      +3      12
4     Win      +7      16 (16/3 = 5.33, bot keeps 1 unit)
5     Loss     +2      11
10    Win      +12     21
7     Win      +19     28

This is a favorable session. Risking 9 units gave 28.

Because the bot wins a lot of units on a long streak, a high profit target or limit will allow safe increase in balance.

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spiritual315:08:2016 03:11
The bot is excellent. But it is not stopping when the  profit limit is reached
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StarBuck15:08:2016 23:22
Script has been patched, PM me on PD for updates. Will upload patched version to here soon.
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bitcoinreviews25:08:2016 04:37
Hello, awesome script! When can you upload patched version? Thanks! 
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whipzman29:09:2016 10:10
Can you please upload it ?
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bitcoinreviews25:08:2016 04:37
This comment has been removed.
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bitcoinreviews25:08:2016 04:38
Re: Spiritual3	
I have had this problem with other scripts as well. Is it the script or the bot?
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seuntjie26:08:2016 07:45
It's a problem in the script
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AdriusMan19:09:2016 17:56
I updated the script. Now it's stop according to the profitlimit
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seuntjie20:09:2016 15:50
Why not just upload the script here?
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luwa02:10:2016 15:08
Hi guys.... how do i change the profit limit?
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fungraphic25:11:2016 22:58
Someone has the code corrected?
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laughcry27:02:2017 15:11
 Perhaps this if statement should look like this:

   if profitamount >= profittarget then
        sessionprofit = sessionprofit + profitamount 
	profitamount = 0
	nextbet = basebet
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