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How do I use this?

Name:random vs random
Uploaded by: paying_mlm

It randomly bets high or low.
In case of any loss, it will recover 1% of loss in following bets
In every bet, it will recover 1% of all previous losses

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binvinahy17:09:2017 06:41

In case of loss, it will recover 1% loss in subsequent bets
In each bet, it will recover 1% of all previous losses
I need to fix the recovery from 1% to 3%.
who can help me
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binvinahy17:09:2017 06:41
This comment has been removed.
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spiritual311:08:2016 16:40
What is the percentage of base bet. So that we can increase size of bet with more bank roll. 
If we increase base bet size.. what changes has to made..?
Appreciate your reply .
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