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Name:Slow But Sure!
Uploaded by: articuno
Start this bot at 0.1 balance with 95% chance 4x lose strike is already impossible except because your own luck.
thanks for Super-safe-slow-profit by Singularity and Percentage Martingale by: seuntjie. i have idea to build fusion this two strategy for very very save profit!

this mentod is bet from your percentage balance with martingale strategy where if you lose you will bet 30X your lastbet for profit. because this strategy have 95% chance, 4x lose is near impossible. so i hope you have little(not so much) luck with you for this strategy

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richard199301:03:2018 13:01
This comment has been removed.
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asteriks12:01:2018 20:17
on scum sites 13 reds at 95% possible...
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irek23:01:2018 19:22
do you know what sites are not scum?
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irek08:01:2018 12:54
there is an error instead of multiplier  should be just multi
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