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Name:Find best option v1
Uploaded by: Michael

This script offers better chances then clasic bets at 90%, 50% or 25% chance. It is safe if balance are bigger then 0.01 but it works on lower balance for example 0.00001000.

It is set to work on 99dice.

How it works:

Start bets at 89.8% chance, if lose multiply by 10

If last 3 rolls value are bigger then 50 ori last 3 rolls are lower then 50 --> start bets at 49.95% chance until win.  (option 1). Also it use reverse martingale.
If all last 7 rolls value are bigger then 25 or all last 7 rolls are are lower then 25 --> start bets at 25% chance win until win (option 2)

If option 1 or option 2 are not available it start generic bets at 89.8% chance. If last bet value are bigger then 50 it start 89.8% bets high and if last bet value are lower then 50 it start 89.9% bets low.

All bets are made with adaptive multiplier based on your balance.

If this script works for you, donations are gladly received at 16VuXwk8SKLLun9SxNCK69dwGFXbBo9Dnt

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fantoci06:01:2018 13:20
?????? LUA!!
assignment statement expected, got 'this'
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seuntjie07:01:2018 09:57
Micheal had an uncommented line at the end of the script that I've removed, please try it again.
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irek08:01:2018 15:51
It looks like the script in some situations does not recover lose strike. So it looses when winning
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Michael24:01:2018 09:32
This comment has been removed.
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Michael24:01:2018 09:44
This settings works only on 999dice (site edge = 0.1%).
chance = 89.8 
chance90 = 89.8       --set initial chance for "90%" bets
chance50 = 49.95    --set initial chance for "50%" bets

If you use cryptogames (site edge 0.8%) correct setting are:
chance = 88.0 
chance90 = 88.0       --set initial chance for "90%" bets
chance50 = 49.6    --set initial chance for "50%" bets

If you use sites with a larger site edge (1% or more) you need to decrease chance, otherwise in some situations does not recover lose strike.

For me it worked well at 300000 bets on 999dice, 3 times, start balance at 0.01.

And I agree, "martingale" can't be safe, especially on scum sites", but this script increases chances of winning.
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Dav12:02:2018 12:23
Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for the script!

Is there any way to decrease the max rolls without affecting the multiplier?

If I let it run for 20k+ bets its always the 50% or the 25% bets with 14 and 28 maxrolls that put me back in the minus. 
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irek08:01:2018 15:27
How long did you run it to say it is safe?
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asteriks16:01:2018 00:15
"martingale" can't be safe, especially on scum sites
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bobwood01:10:2018 17:42
mainly want to add to "stop_if_balance = 0.5 --set limit to stop script, script will stop if balance > value"

i want to make it stop if it reaches 0.00100000 or stop if drops down to 0.00001000
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