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Name:Randomised Martingale
Uploaded by: Jebula999
This script is intended for faucets and perhaps long term use.

Currently i have been using it to get from 200Sitoshi to 1600Sitoshi quite regularly on

The script randomly selects one of 7 pre-programmed martingale methods to avoid the inevitable long term losses.

Uses a base bet of 0.5% of your balance(This can be changed)

If you have any questions or want things changed a bit, please let me know and i will help where i can.

Proof of concept:

BTC Wallet: 1BSzLQkb4ScQ5HvNcCNLCg1xLdpEgj8j97

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fantoci08:01:2018 07:37
?????? 0.00002 ?? 47.5047730992105% ?????, LO
?????? ?????????!
?????? ?????????!
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