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How do I use this?

Name:Array to randomize Hi-Lo and random Multiplier
Uploaded by: l2r
** Please read all variable descriptions. I try to put as much as I can **

Main point for this script is,
- Use an Array of 0 and 1 to define nextbet FLIP condition
- 1 means next bet will be flipped HI/LO vice versa
- The position of array element is picked up randomly

- I use multiplier value=100 at max (double previous bet)
- If win , then increase next bet max up to 50%
- If loose, increase next bet between 50-100%
- This way when you win, you get more than you loose

I ran the script few times and seems to run stable, with better win/loss ratio per session ...

See it yourself.

If you want to use initial bet as 0.00001000, then please use session roll at least 0.1 to take longer losing streak

Same script is also available at Pastebin

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bluebaby27:06:2016 20:39
Hi l2r, great script so far. How do I change the "session roll" to 0.1 if I want to use initial bet of 0.00001000?
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bluebaby27:06:2016 20:42
This comment has been removed.
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l2r30:06:2016 07:48
Related to the 0.1 session_roll , This is just a suggestion that if you are going to use bet amount 0.00001000 , then based on my script logic, it is better to have 0.1 session roll so you do not loose your roll.
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l2r30:06:2016 07:43
Hi Bluebaby,

The session roll is percentage of your balance.

If you want, you can straight forward comment the line
session_roll = bankroll * investpercent/100 with -- in the front
-- session_roll = bankroll * investpercent/100

and set,
session_roll = 0.1
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bluebaby01:07:2016 11:11
This comment has been removed.
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bluebaby01:07:2016 11:12
Like this?

"-- session_roll = bankroll * investpercent/100
session_roll = 0.1"
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l2r01:07:2016 14:50
without the quotes
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l2r01:07:2016 14:53
In my personal opinion , when you see that the system is catching up with the logic and giving 6-7 LOSSES in a row frequently , you might want to switch to another script.

I have got good success with this script to catch up with loss, but running this too long is also not a good idea .. System is very smart.

I have mostly run this on 999dice, but I do not know how fast other sites catch up.
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bluebaby01:07:2016 17:41
Well I'm using that on PrimeDice, the highest Loose Strike was 13. I'm doing 0.00000080 as start bet with session_roll = 0.40. My balance is around 3BTC right now so it may need some more loose strikes. Whats your opinion?
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l2r01:07:2016 20:58
It seems good cover for longer streak, and if you change chance to 49.95 then you are not giving too much house edge compared to 47.5 .. it might help .. Also you can adapt your own 0, 1 sequence in the hilo { } array, that way if one setup is known to the system, you can twist a little bit.

If you want to play with most of your session roll, then you may reduce the stoplosspercent to a smaller value, like 5 or 10 ..

I have tried to give more variables for user control and y ou can tune your settings your own way..
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bluebaby01:07:2016 23:10
Why does this happen?
The bot doesn't recover that amount so mostly of the times I keep being negative
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l2r02:07:2016 00:36
It only should only happen sometimes. If you see the script, the next bet is not always double than the last one.

It is a random value , up to maximum double. If you want to increase your chances, you can increase value of "multiplier" from 100 to let's say 120 

Now you increased your chances  .. the main heart of this script is in fact not to bet double every time ... but "upto" double
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bluebaby02:07:2016 00:40
Oh aight I see. So, if I change the multiplier from 100 to 120 I may expect always profit when some loose strikes comes in? (e.g as the image shows).
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l2r02:07:2016 01:07
It's all up to which random numbers pop-up .. Just play around with options (I have many) and see which one works best for you.

Have fun !!
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neugy15:07:2016 05:35
instead of switching to another script would it be safe to just stop betting for the day and continue in 24 hours? 
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l2r17:07:2016 21:49
Sure .. I have some variants of similar script to this for testing purpose on pastebin .. if interested, I can post it to the forum
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seuntjie18:07:2016 05:49
The time of your bet doesn't matter thanks to the provably fair implementations. For any client-server seed pair, your next roll will be the same whether you place the bet now, tomorrow or in a year. So unless you place additional bets between stopping and starting again on the next day, the result will be the same. (with the exception of per bet based client and server seeds, in which case the client seed will probably be different but equally random).
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l2r08:08:2016 04:36
I almost lost my bankroll of 1 BTC from the code leak.

This script ha serious code leak in certain situation, please remove it Seuntjie.

Both my scripts need to be taken off for now for others' safety
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Robert14:10:2019 00:34
It is excellent. I tried thi in all ways. I earned good with this. But it is not that much safe to use for the long run. But to make it more safe. I changed a little bit. I hope, By doing this I am not hurting our beloved friend. 

-- Assign balance to bankroll to calculate stop condition based on profit or loss in the roll
bankroll = balance

-- Percent of your total balance you want to restrict the session to
investpercent = 80

-- session roll if the calculated total amount that you are going to play with
session_roll = bankroll * investpercent/100
print("Session Roll :" .. session_roll)

-- this variable is used for tracking the bets that it does not increase more than you decided above
cbal = bankroll-session_roll

-- I choose chance to 47.5 because I like it. You win more than what you bet for.
chance = 80

-- The multiplier has value of 100 and will be randomize to increase the next bet based on this max increase.
-- means if the math.random(100) comes to 75, then the next bet will increased by 1.75 factor, 1.89, 1.34 and so on
multiplier = 200

-- stoploss is percentage amount that would be delta between your sessionroll - last losing streak
-- This is additional layer of safety on top of restricting session roll
-- CAUTION: if you keep this limit too high, then you may stop at a loosing streak when actually the next bet could be a win
-- Use this stoploss with caution .. for no additional restriction on the session roll, keep this at value 0
stoplosspercent = 32

-- CAUTION: If you are keeping initial bet at 0.00001000, then I would suggest ,
-- you keep total play amount at 0.1 to digest longer loosing streak 
-- This 0.1 must be session roll, and not total balance
initialbet    = 40
sessionprofit = 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001

nextbet = initialbet

-- I am using temp variable to give higher than 50% increase on a loss of a bet, so you win more when you WIN after losses 
temp = 0


-- This array has some numbers at 1-10 positions, 1 means Flip the next Bet, and Zero means stay the same
-- This ads fun when you bet after continuous 4 losses, the game of flip/flop starts
hilo = {1,0,0,1,1,0,1,0,0,1}

function dobet()

    if (balance < (cbal+cbal*stoplosspercent/100)) then
        print("You lost your session roll...Stopping")

    if (balance > (bankroll + sessionprofit)) then
        print("Target Achieved")
        nextbet = initialbet

    if (win) then

        -- reset the bet to initial bet after a Win, and if you like, add multiplier option
        nextbet = initialbet * (1+math.random(multiplier/2)/100)


        -- if you got 4 losses in a row, time to do something about it

        if closs>4 then
            if (hilo[math.random(table.getn(hilo))]) then
                bethigh = !bethigh

        -- if loss, get multiplier higher than half to get better yield when win
        temp = math.random(multiplier)/100
        if temp <= 50 then

        nextbet = previousbet * (1+temp)

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