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Name:The Cycler
Uploaded by: LTDice2
Starts at 23.33% chance and basebet of 10.
After 2 losses it multiplies the multiplier by 1.07 to 1.7 and multiplies bet by 1.75 to 3.0

Adjust the basebet as you wish for whatever coin, havent found a bankroll yet so set your own maxbet, I left it blank for this reason.

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LTDice220:11:2017 15:04
Do not use Dicebot, known bug hopeful fix.
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Tisuwajah15:11:2017 08:29
horraayyy you'r back sir :D how's your day sir :)

i need help from your fav script, i seems i cannot adjust the basebet other to the one that already came within the script.

err... it;s all in your email sir :)
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LTDice216:11:2017 05:04
Sorry Ive been rather busy and waiting for these past few scripts to upload, it takes a couple days. Ill get to the email as soon as I can, check out my blog for updates. Explains why Ive been so busy :D
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Tisuwajah16:11:2017 08:03
cool, i'am on my way to blogspot now :D
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