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Name:Need Help.
Uploaded by: LTDice2
How it works is obvious if you read the code, very simple but just in case. Rolls for 75% chance of winning, and basbet is balance/5000. If loss if rolls your basebet/3.3, if loss streak then it multiplies previousbet by 1.33738. Resets on maxbet of 8,000 doge and a chance of 25%. 

NOTE: This is not fully tested. 

Hopefully someone who is better at math then I could figure this out.
The situation seems to be on average I need to make enough to cover 4 resets of 8k before hitting reset. Key word being on average.

Adjust dividers and multipliers as needed to achieve this effect, I want to keep the chances and reset the same if at all possible, or at the very least close to. 

My list of potential solutions include;
1. Randomized chance between 73 to 75 and 23 to 25 (increase in profit but also increase in risk)
2. different multiplier for 25% loss streak
3. different divider to set basebet
4. different divider to set the first bet placed at 25%
5. change reset chance to 75% or something else.

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Dramorian15:12:2017 09:12
can you suggest an optimal script for doge on 999dice?
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