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Name:Exponential Growth
Uploaded by: LTDice2
Bankroll 8-6m If you change any values consult me first so I can do some math. Use at own risk with or without changing settings.

For starters, no script is perfect, no script can guarantee profits. All fair systems work within an average of outcomes, but outliers will always happen if it is truely a fair system. 

Now to the script; here is a brief description on my results from testing. Human stops (meaning you stop the script with the stop() command) I found to have maintain 80% of the time ending in major profits, only stopping on in the negative when I felt like I was on an unlucky seed. (Sidenote: Ive seen this go 1.5m profit down to negative 1.1m so please don't run unattended)
Programmed script stop ended with -1.1m in the and due to my inability to convert/tip/invest with a small portion of winnings the program was never able to be fully automated. I will on request make any additions to the program as long as it is within my knowledge.

Now to how this works, explaining the betting system will be ludacris because frankly I salvaged this from someone elses script that seemed profitable but the code was completely broken. (as in if you test it only the first like 40 lines ran because thats all it really needed then the rest of the script was junk text that never got activated due to scripting errors, after 2 days of cleaning and rewriting I ended up with this.) 
Minimum Balance I have right now is 8m PLAY but Ive ran it with 7m and 6m, essentially the script will run when it hits between 0.01/0.05 profit basebet resets and win is recorded. As well as when it reaches -0.1/-0.2 the bet resets, the reason for higher losses then profit is due to the fact the longer you are on a loss streak the more likely you are to hit that big win. Still working on the math but the sweet spot seems to be around 7.2w to every 1L, this ratio pops up like mad while running the script, if you can recognize that sweet spot and stop it then you will be profiting. The script auto resets seed everytime it hits the max % loss so it can search for better seeds, still figuring out when to put this on. 

Upcoming Features: 
W/L pattern recognition profit stop and stoploss,
Smarter Seedreset to extend winning seeds and skip rough patch seeds
Tip function for websites that support it.

This is my main form of financial freedom aside from my trading(I write programs for that too but they are only for sale not for free.) All donations would be greatly appreciated.

BTC: 12Pvi2HsnqkVArBLfwDvyw8ZtALz7bGuCd
Dodge: DT7dmnEzsc7eSiQNCo39d8vFpKsvVShWgX
For any othercoin please comment and I will keep you posted. Same with any alteration, I don't like giving my email due to the security risks and well getting spammed with requests.

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LTDice210:11:2017 21:13
My apologies to everyone and not replying to emails for the past 24 hours I have been rather busy with life and editing this to doge. Here is a simulation of the edit running, it is a CSV file. Convert to whatever you need after downloading.
I will get back to emails once this is done, I am determined since this is my most requested edit right now with over 15 people asking. Thank you for all the support and love!
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LTDice211:11:2017 06:10
I just had a nap with several 1m simulations running, they all crashed out. Some earning over 300USD before all profits got rolled out. Tried adjusting settings as much as possible but its impossible to avoid, and just because it happened after 500k bets does mean it wont happen in the first 10k.

Due to all this happening my quickfix idea never worked, rewriting the entire script with new values but same premise.
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Zboob11:11:2017 00:33
This comment has been removed.
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Zboob11:11:2017 00:35
But, just change the lines "nextbet=10" by "nextbet=basebet" for the script to follow the settings... ;)
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LTDice211:11:2017 06:06
I find too many glitches occur when I trust it reverting back to setting like that, hence why I avoid it. 
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LTDice211:11:2017 06:12
Also if you want a balance of 400m play its set for 8m play, so take the betvalues move it 2 decimal points. Then the values will be for 800m instead of 8, then divide by 2 so you can get your values for 400m.
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irek11:11:2017 15:16
I am trying to start it with 0.5ETH and it shows insufficient founds?
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irek11:11:2017 18:51
it does try to bet 30ETH on 33% as a first bet so what do i have to change?
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Tisuwajah09:11:2017 12:01
woohoooooo :D

sir, can this be done with 1k doge ?
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LTDice209:11:2017 14:16
I knew it would just take sometime, I will make new settings for dogecoin also I have 4 revised versions of this all with varying forms of betting. Passive, Moderate, Aggressive, Suicide. Will post soon.
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luke6909:11:2017 14:32
This comment has been removed.
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LTDice210:11:2017 03:06
Unfortunately no, I am rewriting the entire script for doge. May take me up to a week.
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dungkon130911:01:2018 16:20

If you do not mind writing code please send me via email:, thank you!
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