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Name:Calculated Randomness
Uploaded by: LTDice2
Based off of "Fighting Random with Random" and "The best script ever" also many more because there are so many close to this.

I wrote a previous version, a lot messier and a bit different, but I have lost access to that account. Basically this bets between 2 set chances (65-75 on Ws and 29-39 on Ls) and then switches to a lower chance on loss with  1.7 mulitiplier. Winning basebets are changed randomly, increase the difference to increase the reward. 
Successfully ran over 24 hours without bankrolling, basebet 0.00001 and bankroll of 30k Doge adjust basebets to survive a 37-45 loss streak with a 1.7 mulitplier.

After 38 losses and a basebet of 0.00001 and a multi of 1.7 the 38th bet will be 5715 Doge, 37th 3362, 36th 1977, 35th 1163.

Can someone please adjust values for BTC, would be curious to see how this does on 999 Dice BTC side instead of Doge.

Note: I removed the line of code to randomly change basebet on wins due to it gltiching. The more time I include the math.random function the slower the code goes and the quicker it breaks down eventually stopping bets regardless of position. I do not know if this is a code issues or with the DiceBot program. Regardless I will add it after I can figure out what will fix it.

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AlexDeLarge28:10:2017 17:55
Thanks for sharing your work! Will test it and give some feedback!
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AlexDeLarge28:10:2017 23:59
Update: after running for a few hours the script is working wonderfully! Great job!!

Will let it run overnight and see how it goes. Congratz on the work LTDice2!!
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AlexDeLarge31:10:2017 01:40
Well, this has to be one of the best scripts I've seen... Really, it is great! Really nice work LTDice!! Thanks for sharing it.

My little help to the cause: although is not exactly the same, while I also haven't succeeded on the tip thing, it is possible to use the withdraw function instead, like this withdraw(amount,user).. The problem is that the withdraw limit is a little to high in the other coins, but at least it could help when playing with DOGEs...

Once again, thank you for the great work! 
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adventure9229:10:2017 03:09
Can you help me adjust your script for 0.1 LTC bankroll to endure 40 streak lose? 
Thank you. :D 
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Tisuwajah07:11:2017 14:22
ohhh yeeaaaa XD
i was on a break from high/low, update basebet up to my head start spinning around, then decided to surf around and wobbled, and i stumble upon thisss. :D

Permission to try and study here sir :)
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LTDice211:11:2017 13:35
Started blogging, use it to keep up to date!
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LTDice216:11:2017 21:41
New Version Posted On My Blog!

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Adamada24:10:2017 19:23
LTDice2, - it seems THE BOSS has nothing against posting my mail here - so please contact me on I would like to discuss a working idea with you. Regards
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LTDice223:10:2017 21:07
Here is the code for randomized next bet on win. Simply replace the pre-exisiting code with this also thank you for adding my script to the list.

  if win then
      bt= math.random(bone*100000000,btwo*100000000)/100000000.0
      chance = math.random(mintwo*100.0, maxtwo*100.0)/100.0
      nextbet = bt
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LTDice209:11:2017 14:29

I do not know if it is dicebot or my code but some how the counter is going off, chance will change, but not read nextbet = 1.0. Its as if the script is teasing me.

Revised edition sent in emails if you want to check out the code, does anyone have a idea to what is going on here?
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Adamada24:10:2017 11:42
LTDice2, let me congratulate you on your script. I have reviewed your modification of The best script in the World, and your previous script and I think you are doing great job, have talent and valubale brain :-) I think this script should continue to be developed further. Keep up a good work! If I may just comment...
1. This script can make you nice profit assuming you have not sinned enough and God still likes you :-) 
2. LTDice2... Could you consider adding following to this script to make it as close to ideal as possible":
a. Target
b. stoploss
c. pause to stop randomly for x time (after winning streak) and after that time restart
d. Size of the bet could be auto adjutable, randomness could be increased by making the script to change to ie. Fibonacci for 200 -300 bets with small bets  - just to make sure nobody on other end can figure our what system your next bet is running...line martingate multiplyer or FB or... 
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LTDice224:10:2017 12:30
I appreciate the advice and compliments. :)
A few adjustments were made last night to increase profits and calculated basebet off of bankroll, I will post the revision in the comments shortly. I am currently working on a stoploss so whenever it crashed itll only burn half your earning from the session.

To be honest I am just a script monkey from years ago, seen a lot of code come and go. So its a little challenging incorporating a winloss counter that would activate a secondary script can be done, the second script could be fibonacci even though I have terrible luck with it. I also found limiting your bets per second is better then any wait timer, 999dice will throttle your speed anyways if you bet under 0.001 Doge. 

Thank you again and I will post a revised version here shortly for 10k and 1k doge bankrolls.
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Adamada24:10:2017 14:13
waiting for your post... you may be right with the concept of limiting the bets per second. I am a long time forex trader so I know how the market makers were clasifying the custommers for the ones that always lost and those that won.. All they have to do is make oposide bests and  they always succeded.. in casinos I always wonder if thy see you are in  profit and then the long L streak appears...It's like casino's were sending you a message.. You have mon enough.. now lets give it back. Ie. while I played in BTC yesterday with balance 0.030-0.0100 anytime I made 70%-80% return your script was killing my profits. When I lost it almost all - I started with the lowest settings with: 0.00006000 BTC and now balance is 0.0011500.. that is almost 2500% return... of course slow throttle .. I am playing with and though I did make almost 14000 bets my longest lost streak is 17. Makes you think..Anyway - thanks for doing a good job again.
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LTDice224:10:2017 14:30
I figured out how to make it the script perfect, tip/investment function after hitting x.xxxxxxx balance. As long as the script wins your bankroll before rolling itself it will be successful, the only issue I am having right now is the tip/invest function is not working at all, as in not sending the tip at all. Sadly, this has to be an issue with the API and not the script.
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LTDice224:10:2017 14:39
***!Change Tip Amount and Account!***

This is set for a 1k DOGE bankroll, I am unsure how itll preform with BTC. The settings are easy to adjust, and the TIP is set for my secondary 999dice Account DOGE. Just change the stats to suit your needs, note this is riskier then the previous version, but I am netting bigger rewards, but bankrolling more. I will look into switching to BTC because that seems a lot more profitable, the 999dice seems to limit me around $25 CAD a day.

I roll at a max of 1-3 bets per second, after that the mathematics of how they choose the rolls goes haywire. Every roll is already predetermined based off your seed, each containing like 1.6m rolls I think so everytime you reset you get a new set of potential outcomes. I am working a script that is based off of your current hashseed, mathematically use their same system to predict rolls then mathematically work out like counting cards what rolls are left and what rolls have been hit. There was one like this for Bustabit and it basically broke the game.


chance = math.random(mintwo*100.0, maxtwo*100.0)/100.0
multiplier = 1.81
base = 0.0050413
nextbet = 0.0050413
bethigh = false
rollcount = 7

function dobet()


if r == 1 then

--Randomly select High/Low
--bethigh = math.random(0,100)%2 == 0

--change seed every 1000 bet
if rollcount == 1000 then
rollcount = 0
rollcount = rollcount + 1

if(profitstop)>(goal) then

if (themax) < (nextbet) then
print("MAX BET HIT")

--bet progression
if win then
      bt= math.random(bone*100000000,btwo*100000000)/100000000.0
      chance = math.random(mintwo*100.0, maxtwo*100.0)/100.0
      nextbet = bt
      chance = math.random(minone*100.0, maxone*100.0)/100.0
      nextbet = previousbet * multiplier
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LTDice224:10:2017 14:39
Tip function still has a problem working, wont work with me still.
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Adamada24:10:2017 14:50
thanks for new script  - I will play with it and test it as much as I can.. As per Tip... Is your casino allowing tipping? Not all casinos do it through API. 
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irek11:11:2017 19:34
Is it for ETH? What amount
i started it with 0.09ETH and in  second have 0.36ETH so i am sure it is something wron with my basebet?
Starting Dicebot 3.3.9
Betting 0.009124753 at 45.01% chance to win, high
Betting 0.01651580293 at 42.67% chance to win, high
Betting 0.01204405 at 71.49% chance to win, high
Betting 0.0217997305 at 42.49% chance to win, low
Betting 0.01235428 at 70.83% chance to win, high
Betting 0.0223612468 at 43.14% chance to win, low
Betting 0.0142347 at 73.89% chance to win, low
Betting 0.0093891 at 73.45% chance to win, low
Betting 0.00986479 at 72.72% chance to win, high
Betting 0.0178552699 at 41.56% chance to win, low
Betting 0.01624306 at 71.13% chance to win, high
Betting 0.01016166 at 74.87% chance to win, low
Betting 0.00799174 at 71.87% chance to win, high
Betting 0.01270487 at 74.22% chance to win, low
Betting 0.01142967 at 66.02% chance to win, high
Betting 0.0206877027 at 41.07% chance to win, low
Betting 0.037444741887 at 41.65% chance to win, high
Betting 0.06777498281547 at 43.41% chance to win, low
Betting 0.01348038 at 75.16% chance to win, low
Betting 0.0243994878 at 40.66% chance to win, low
Betting 0.01113273 at 73.89% chance to win, low
Betting 0.01552752 at 66.7% chance to win, high
Betting Stopped!
Betting 0.01576125 at 71.78% chance to win, high
Betting 0.0285278625 at 41% chance to win, high
Betting 0.051635431125 at 43.08% chance to win, low
Betting 0.09346013033625 at 41.58% chance to win, low
Betting 0.01466389 at 66.1% chance to win, high
Betting 0.01141825 at 68.85% chance to win, low
Betting 0.00640492 at 74.79% chance to win, high
Betting 0.00998605 at 75.04% chance to win, high
Betting 0.01142446 at 67.94% chance to win, low
Betting 0.01317204 at 68.85% chance to win, low
Betting 0.01165951 at 69.73% chance to win, high
Betting 0.0211037131 at 44.46% chance to win, high
Betting 0.038197720711 at 42.95% chance to win, low
Betting 0.06913787448691 at 43.65% chance to win, high
Betting 0.01223104 at 65.61% chance to win, high
Betting 0.0221381824 at 44.53% chance to win, high
Betting 0.00847603 at 70.2% chance to win, high
Betting 0.01526722 at 65.5% chance to win, low
Betting 0.0276336682 at 42.91% chance to win, low
Betting 0.050016939442 at 44.26% chance to win, high
Betting 0.09053066039002 at 45.02% chance to win, high
Betting 0.00974809 at 70.41% chance to win, low
Betting 0.0176440429 at 42.25% chance to win, high
Betting 0.031935717649 at 42.69% chance to win, high
Betting 0.05780364894469 at 42.43% chance to win, low
Betting 0.104624604589889 at 45.04% chance to win, low
Betting 0.0061849 at 70.51% chance to win, low
Betting 0.011194669 at 42.8% chance to win, high
Betting 0.01529835 at 70.34% chance to win, low
Betting 0.01306247 at 72.26% chance to win, low
Betting Stopped!
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LTDice224:10:2017 14:42
Set your max bet to what a 12-13 loss streak would be, should keep you in the profit before rolling out. Ill work this into the original script as well.

if (themax) < (nextbet) then
print("MAX BET HIT")
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LTDice224:10:2017 14:52
Losses and their bets for the original script you ran. You can use the maxbet function as a stoploss.

if (1000) < (nextbet) then

10L = 806.397
11L = 1370.87
12L = 2330.48
13L = 3961.83
14L = 6735.11
15L = 11449.69
16L = 19464.47
17L = 33089.61
18L = 56252.33
19L = 95628.97
20L = 162569.25
(bets in satoshi)
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LTDice224:10:2017 15:11
Original script, set up to match loss streak like yours adamada
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LTDice224:10:2017 15:11
max  bet = 19 so 16L streak
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LTDice224:10:2017 15:25
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Adamada24:10:2017 15:55
Thanks.. By the way is there a way to get hold of you in priv? I do not know if this portal allows it somewhere?
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Adamada24:10:2017 15:42
I did already started your new script in Crypto_Games... made 1 mistake and forgot to lower bet for one 0 more and lost some satoshi but ..STOP loss works..  and it saved my a.. I started the script - and I will have answers by tomorrow ... for now it WORKS! Thanks.
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LTDice224:10:2017 16:20
Hehe yeah gotta be careful to adjust settings, your welcome for anything buddy! Just trying to get a name for myself back in the CryptoGambling world.

I need to get some form of instant messaging, since xfire is gone i dont really use anything lol

I crashed BT Dubs trying with maxbet of 10 instead of 19 next.
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Adamada24:10:2017 18:02
maybe I can help. I am working on the ICO in this world. Could use your thinking. I do not know if I can give my skype or email here on forum not to upset the GREAT SEUNTIJE.. let me look arround this forum if it has any private messaging and  get back to you..
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LTDice224:10:2017 19:55
Ill be on CG chat as Jayce later on tonight, around 10pm Toronto Time
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Adamada24:10:2017 20:57
hmm and it will be about 4 AM my time... sorry but I will not be conscious at this hour... please suggest some other time - or drop me an email and I will send you my skypeID.. Best regards. By the way - it seems you have helped me once before on CG chat with stuck BTC transfer... You may not remember that but thanks a lot for that too.
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LTDice224:10:2017 22:02
Ouff 6 hours ahead, I hope you are sleeping well by now! email is

I am always happy to help I hope the script is running well, I am optimizing for CG BTC dice game now. I will have it perfect by your time in the morning ;)

look how close these rolls are!
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c3lew091425:10:2017 14:02
I'm very interested in your work here.Your scripts are the best ones I've ever seen.Although I can't offer any help with the scripts itself, but I can do any test for you in any website with any amount.Please keep doing what you're doing!Please let me know if you want to test anything. My email is
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LTDice228:10:2017 08:24
I will email you and Adam right away! Just had somethings in life to take care of, I have written several new scripts as well and I have figured out how to let Calculated Randomness run 24/7 :D 
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c3lew091429:10:2017 13:04
That's great!I'm so hype and ready, just send me a email and we can start testing
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Getchelmeister04:11:2017 08:31
Hi LTDice2 

Any updates?

i have been playing with the current versions a lot and played around with some different stuff. But I would really like to test out new versions.
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LTDice205:11:2017 23:03
new script being released soon. This one will be for play and dodge, 8M bankroll needed to match the minimum bet requirements on CG. I apologies for not replying to email and ghosting for a week, but after you see this new masterpiece you will know why. This is the first script that will be included in the new project ProfitGod. It is essentially 10 different methods that all rotate after a certain point is reached. Think about how you make a decision, you have x options, have potential for outcomes = y then lets make the sum of all other factors z. Expand text box size to see explanation better.

So, X for the script will be 10 other scripts that have varying stoploss/profitstop settings. Y being the settings themselves and Z being where it lands within those settings. Lets call the command script ProfitGod and all of its subscript with their own stop setting inputted. 1 being profit stop, 2 being stoploss. Then a randomizer is applied to decide when to switch in between subscripts based off of where the active subscript is in its run. After the profit is greater then the set % ProfitGod stops. 
(ss = subscript) 
Example ProfitGod starts with ssA, ssA runs on the a1 side for 45 bets, ProfitGod switches ssC, ssC runs on the c2 side for 10 bets, ProfitGod switches to ssH, ssH runs profit > 3.3% stop. ProfitGod is planned to be run Once a day with a high bankroll so your monthly earnings will be in line for a sufficient way of life, you can also run with multiple websites/accounts and smaller bankrolls depending on the websites minimum bet and currency. 

   A   ,   B  ,   C   ,    D   ,    E   ,    F   ,    G   ,    H   ,    I   ,    J 
|a1  a2|b1  b2|c1   c2|d1    d2|e1    e2|f1    f2|g1    g2|h1    h2|i1    i2|j1    j2|
|+    -|+    -|+     -|+      -|+      -|+      -|+      -|+      -|+      -|+      -|
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LTDice206:11:2017 07:23
Still running testing but after 2 runs with human stop its won a total of 313,808 PLAY, which is not much but for under 1.5k bets that is perfect for me. I dont have the screenshot from the first run but for the second only.
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Getchelmeister06:11:2017 08:40
Hi LTDice2

Sounds very interesting are you going to upload the script here on the page? 

When do you expect to have it ready for test ? 

I'm really looking forward to try it out and will share feedback if needed. 
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LTDice206:11:2017 14:21
Doing more testing today, figuring our proper ranges for extra profit/stoploss measures and adding some randomization. Then the first part of PG will be done. Just 9 more scripts to go, it sounds kinda sh** but after this one I dont know if Ill post anymore scripts. More profitable to make it an EXE, sell/rent it.
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LTDice206:11:2017 16:21
I am getting close guys look at this sim!
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Getchelmeister06:11:2017 16:38
Hi LTDice2 

Sounds interesting anything you Can share then i Will maybe change it to BTC and try it out. 

If you will not upload here are there any place I can get in contact with you I will ofc hold everything to myself but would really like to run some test. 
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LTDice206:11:2017 17:31
I will post on here once it is completed. I dont like putting out an untested product right, even if it is free quality is everything. 
I just now need to figure out how to trick the script that my balance is different then it actually is. Meaning if my start balance is 100k, i win 50k, balance is now 150k but I want to trick my script into thinking it is back to 100k and restart its climb. For mathematical reasons I need this to happen, unfortunately I cannot tip/invest/convert
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RUISILVA06:11:2017 17:54
What will be the minimum balance to run the script:
100000 Doge?
10000 Doge?
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LTDice208:11:2017 18:48
RUISilva email me and I will get back to you sorry for the latereply.
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Getchelmeister06:11:2017 18:17
I understand you don’t want to do that ;) thats why I ask if you need help with testing maybe I can support but that’s up to you let me know if you need help it. 

Make sense to trick it into running with a lower balance for for calculation purpose as the higher balance probably will change the game style and thereby risk of loosing if it start to make higher bets. 

I don’t know if that’s the case But I guess that maybe the reason ;) 
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LTDice206:11:2017 23:03
New script is up due to the hype on this one. It is not perfected and is waiting approval from the great Seuntjie.
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LTDice206:11:2017 23:09
Note with the new script there are 2 patterns to look out for with the wins to resets, one will show you its a badseed the next will show you that your on a good seed. Im not doing the work for everyone, so that is what people will have to figure out for themselves. Just know Ive seen it float at -400k and pull back to win 600k profit
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LTDice206:11:2017 23:33
also proper settings for the new script are as follows.

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Adamada07:11:2017 22:00
Hello again... just catching on the conversation with yo after travelling extensively. It seems you are following my first suggestion to write the script that eill change the strategies ... great .. your idea is great but... where is the script to look at. Did Great Seuntjie included it already or I am missing somenthing
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Getchelmeister08:11:2017 10:29
Do you know when it would be shown on the page ? i cant find it 
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Tisuwajah08:11:2017 11:16
sir, how long is usually for seuntjie approve a script?

it's been two day's now....

mine was only less than 24 hour
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LTDice208:11:2017 18:46
I have written 3 scripts since this post. All of them are awaiting approval and I have written updates for all of them. I would not worry, there is only one great Seuntjie and they have a life to live just as us. Give it time guys, I just made an email Sending out emails with copies of scripts youd like and you can email me to help create something for you specifically.
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jimmy10:11:2017 10:40
Can't wait for the BTC version of this script. You're doing great job!
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Tisuwajah10:11:2017 17:16
Sir i have send some report via email

when you have the time, please check it ya :)
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LTDice220:11:2017 15:05
Do not use Dicebot, known bug hopeful fix.
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