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Name:ClickBoom Random
Uploaded by: LTDice

My first script, min and max bet are not based on anything just for safety, so don't expect to win big. Adjust if you have more knowledge on what it should be. The whole goal of this is to keep everything random, but within a certain degree of randomness to sustain profits. Leave comments below any advice is appreciated!

Based off of Seuntjie "Fighting Random with Random"
This script bets between randomly 65%-75% also randomly between a minbet of 0.00001  
maxbet if 0.00005,
On loss streak maxbet is no longer in effect. The new bet is 1.5x the previous bet, chance is divided by 2.7 to recover losses. After win the betting returns to normal.

Future updates: 
Stoploss based on current bet
(I need to do some more math to find the sweet spot)
BigBang every 2-6wins in a row maxbetx10 will be placed.
Random Multiplier for loss streak.

Side Note: I have ran several 250k simulations without tanking, just under 50k ran on client. So please use at own risk, I am betting with a 30k Bankroll.
Also I apologies for the messy script, it is my first. - LTDice.

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LTDice224:10:2017 00:22
Does anyone know if the tip function can be run off a mathematical equation?

Lets say my balance is 1500 and my minimum balance is 500.
Can I write something like this into the code? 

if (balance)>(minbalance) then
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seuntjie25:10:2017 07:41
As long as the amount is larger than the minimum tip of the site and a valid number, it will work yes.
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