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Name:bet on latecomers
Uploaded by: Playrun
This bot is based on latecomers numbers.
It registers the late of numbers > and < 50 and > 60 an < 40
You can fix entry point for bets with chance 40 and 50 and define stop loss.
After the bot starts to bet, it works like a classic Martingale where you can fix the bet increment.
I inserted many comments into the script. Don't hesitate to contact me in case of need.
You like the script and find it useful, please TIP Playrun on Primedice.
Have fun!

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Aragorn8323:09:2017 15:35
masterpiece - i'll send you some sats ;)
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Playrun25:09:2017 07:17
Thank you Aragon, You have to consider it as a starting point: it's very important to set the right parameters according to statistics and your risk profile. I find very useful to have the latecomers shown in the console and stop the bot to do manual betting when I want.
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LovesFreedomfries09:04:2018 16:58
Is there any way to make it start back up automatically after it stops itself because of the low percentage?
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